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The Kennedy Space Center is the gateway to the universe for mankind. Some of the greatest steps in human history have been taken here in this facility. Now, just imagine what it would be like to be in the presence of that greatness. Just leave the thought out of a ridiculous price to get in this place. GreatOrlandoDiscounts helps cut the cost of your vacation by providing discounted tickets to Kennedy Space Center.

Kennedy Space Center's new front entrance! If you haven't been to Kennedy Space Center since December 2012, then start scheduling a trip today! Kennedy Space Center returns with an all new set of entertainment. From new guest speakers to exhibits, even an all new entrance! As soon as you see Kennedy Space Center you will be blown away by the changes. You will be greeted by a 5,000 gallon blue-granite water fountain that stands thirty feet tall and seventy five feet long. Kennedy Space Center is one of the most affordable attractions in the Central Florida area!

Kennedy Space Center Tickets
Kennedy Space Center Tickets

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Here's a little story: back when Billy was a single young buck, he would go to the bars and try to find himself a girl. Sometimes, he would need to tell a little story of his own to have a conversation with a girl. So, Billy would be a bull-rider on some nights, a business man on others. But, his all-time favorite story to tell was that he was an astronaut-in-training. And the girls loved that story too. The astronaut-in-training story was inspired by Billy's visits to the Kennedy Space Center. He loved to visit the Center whenever he could. As a result of those visits, he came to know a lot about the facility. So, when he talked about, it sounded pretty convincing. Good old Billy boy had learned something; visiting the Kennedy Space Center can be educational in more ways than you think.

cape canaveral The is no other attraction none like Kennedy Space Center who boasts to be the “gateway to the universe” right here in Central Florida, just 45 miles east of Orlando, is the premier attraction for those both young and young at heart, imagine the awesome earth shaking sound of those main engines when the space shuttle is lifting off the pad, or sit down and enjoy a thrilling IMAX 3D cinema, witness a dramatic launch, climb aboard the International Space Station, a dream that seemed impossible, here the past present and future is celebrated by thousands of tourists, immerse yourself into mankind’s greatest adventure, enjoy shows of the past, present and future.

Kennedy Space Center Attractions

Launch Programs

One of the busiest places in Florida is the Space Center's launch and landing facility. Witness live the entire drama, from preparing of the space shuttle, to the earth-shaping lift-off, to a phenomenal landing of the aircraft. Currently the fleet is composed of three orbiters: Endeavour, Discovery, Atlantis.   Thousands of communication and surveillance satellites of been put into orbit here at the Kennedy Space Center. The launches are monthly events aboard unmanned rockets such as Atlas, Delta, and Titan. Finally after years of planning, and unmanned rover was launched and landed successfully on Mars another giant leap for mankind.




NASA Programs

Family TourImagine walking the corridors of Kennedy Space Center, around every corridor there is a little piece of history about the genesis of space exploration. Such programs such as the Mercury Program, selected the first Astronauts and first manned spaceship to fly around the earth. Astronauts worked hard in space during the Gemini program. Twelve Americans landed on the moon during the Apollo program. And 200 miles above the earth shuttles transport pieces for the International Space Station.


Legendary Figures

Moon OrbitorHistory books have been blessed with many historic figures who walked the halls of NASA, John Glenn being the premier American astronaut to orbit earth, Neil Armstrong first to walk on the moon, and Apollo thirteen's first historic captain Jim Lovell. Visitors can journey through the lives of these famous explorers at the Astronauts Hall.




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Kennedy Space Center Tickets
Kennedy Space Center Tickets

Directions to Kennedy Space Center from Orlando

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Take the north exit to 528 East (the Beeline). Take the Beeline east to a left exit labeled "407, Titusville, Kennedy Space Center." Take 407 until it ends at 405. Turn right onto 405 and proceed east. After approximately one mile you will see a building on your right -- this is the Kennedy Space Center Badge and Identification Building and the entrance to Kennedy Space Center. Continue past this building, over a draw bridge and continue east. In a few minutes, you will see the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex on your right.

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May 1, 2013