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Wild Florida Tickets

Wild Florida Tickets

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Wild Florida Tickets

3301 Lake Cypress Road - Kenansville, FL - 11 miles south of Hwy 192
*Closed on Sundays, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

Wild FL AirboatAirboat is a very common means of transportation in the swamps of Florida specially for fishing, hunting and ecotourism. Its flat-bottom, combined with the fact that there are no operating parts below the waterline allowed it to navigate seamlessly through the shallow lakes, canals, rivers, swamps and marshes. Airboat has been in use in the Florida Everglades that comprise of southern half of Florida but starts near Orlando with the Kissimmee River for more than eighty years.

If you are visiting or plan on visiting Central Florida and want to experience the real Florida wilderness then you should come to the Wild Florida Airboats. It is conveniently located on the beautiful shores of Cypress Lake, at the headwaters of the Everglades, right off of State Rd 523 in Kenansville, Just a short drive from the Disney World and the Space Coast.

Wild Florida Airboats offers one of the most exciting activities in Central Florida such as airboat rides, alligator watch and real Florida experience. You will enjoy a private ride with your family through the swamps at the Wild Florida Airboats. You will be able to travel deep into the headwater of the Everglades wildlife. You will get to experience its untouched 4,200 acre nature preserve, free of any development, just pure Florida wilderness.

See Alligators in the Wild!The only airboat company in Central Florida that owns their property is Wild Florida Airboats. It is situated in a thirteen acre park including store, gift shop and restaurant. It showcases beautiful tropical bird aviary with hands-on demonstrations. In the aviary you will see different exotic birds. You can hold live baby gators and get your photo taken. It also has a small picnic area for families to enjoy quality time.

Wild Florida Airboats has a breathtaking five hundred feet scenic dock and fishing pier, which is probably the biggest in Central Florida. Cypress Lake has pristine swamp boardwalk and nature trail that will surely give someone the taste of Florida that existed a century ago. This experience is something that whole family will remember for a long time.

Orlando’s ultimate wilderness airboat ride is Wild Florida Airboats. However, it is not just about airboat ride. It has multiple gator ponds with educational and interactive shows. Its wildlife exhibits includes native deer, turkey and hogs. It also provides guided hunting and fishing trips. You will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery and native wildlife of the Central Florida Everglades. You will also be able to see the untapped Florida, in all its brilliance!

View Florida WildlifeWild Florida Airboats fleets of airboats consist of 6-passenger airboats, 14-passenger airboats and 18-passenger airboats. And because of that they can handle both small and large groups. All those boats have elevated seating for better visibility and photo opportunity. Tour guides will provide you a headset if you like to have a noise-free ride. You get to enjoy a 1/2 hour tour every one hour. Each tour takes you deep into the marsh of the Lake Cypress. All tours are narrated by professional guides so you'll have the opportunity to learn about the unique wetlands and its native inhabitants.

You'll see all kinds of wildlife such as: alligators, turtles, snakes, otters, fish and exotic birds in Lake Cypress. If you are lucky then you may be able to see the standoff between two alligators. While propelling through the marshes on the airboat, you will come across otters playing in the warm water. You will see Egret flying over your airboats or diving to catch fishes.

Most commonly seen birds will be moorhens, sometimes call marsh hens. They are medium-sized birds with red nose, close relatives of coots. The baby moorhens appeared to be quite lazy, they would rather run across the water if they see any incoming airboat than flying pass by. They are often called “skitty coots” because of their panicky behavior.

Wild FL AirboatYou can buy souvenir such as gator head, gator claw, full body gator mount, among other collectables. Stop by Cypress Lake Restaurant for food and drinks or for any other refreshments. While you are there don’t forget to meet “Kramer” the pet cockatoo. He is very friendly cockatoo. He doesn’t mind to be friends with the visitors.

If you think that Florida is fun during the day, then you should arrange the night rides with Wild Florida Airboats to see what real Florida looks like when the sun goes down and the swamp comes alive. When the gators come out for food at the night, you can literally see them from few feet away. And if you decide to come around winter, you will catch the gators sun bathing in the wilderness.

It is recommended that you take the airboat rides before noon or late afternoon to avoid the heat of the sun. While coasting through the lake don’t miss the opportunity to take pictures of native Florida wildlife in their natural habitats. If you want to get lost in the middle of nowhere, you definitely should come out to Wild Florida Airboats.

Wild Florida Tickets

Wild Florida Tickets