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Why would you WANT to rent a time share?

Renting a timeshare unit?  Have you ever thought about timeshare rentals?  It's a wonderful way to vacation and experience a timeshare property.  And there are some distinct advantages.

First and foremost, timeshare rentals are affordable.  Where else can you stay at a luxurious resort, in a 1 or 2 bedroom property, with a full kitchen and all of the amenities of a luxury resort (pool, pool bar, walking paths, exercise rooms, jacuzzi and more) for a fraction of what it would cost you to stay in a cramped hotel room (with 2 twin beds and a cramped bathroom)?  Renting a timeshare unit is like vacationing at a country club.  It's not crowded with touristy families, cranky from a long drive and looking for a cheap place to flop.

Secondly, renting a timeshare is a great chance to experience a resort property before you buy.  There is no high pressure sales pitch.  You can see all that the resort has to offer and get a feel for the value.  Then, if you decide you might want to purchase, there is ample opportunity to tour the property or even explore the option of buying a timeshare resale.  It's like a "try before you buy situation.  If you REALLY enjoy it, you might want to consider buying your own timeshare to have and use in the future.

Third, you might decide it is best to use timeshare rentals exclusively in the future and not purchase at all.  It saves you on the yearly maintenance fees, you're not locked into any particular resort or vacation week and if you don't vacation on a particular year, you don't feel like you've thrown your money away.


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May 1, 2013