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Der Stuka Wet 'n Wild, the world's premier waterpark, features a full-day of fun for the entire family. Honored by Amusement Business Magazine as one of the nation's best-attended water parks since the onset of their survey. Wet 'n Wild's world-class signature thrill rides and quality service offer something for fun-lovers of all ages.

No matter what time of day, Wet 'n Wild is the best waterpark to go to. In the hot Florida sun there's no better way to cool down then to hop into a nice cool tube of water. Wet 'n Wild has a collection of impressive rides and plenty of areas that have fun things to do for everyone in the family. On top of all the great rides and attractions at the park, there is a great restaurant located inside the park. For those not wanting to eat inside the park, Wet 'n Wild is located around plenty of Central Florida's greatest restaurants.

If you're looking for a good time in a nearby waterpark in the Central Florida area, look no further than Wet 'n Wild. This one-of-a-kind waterpark is located right in the middle of all the action near some of the major theme parks and smaller attractions. Wet 'n Wild has won countless awards for their thrilling rides so see if you have the guts to ride down 'Bombay' or any of the other rides. One of the best things about Wet 'n Wild is that it's quite possibly the best waterpark for a family, there is a great selection of rides that accommodate up to four people so whether you're going with your family or a group of friends, no one is left out! If you live in Florida or if you're a frequent visitor to the Central Florida you are in luck! Wet 'n Wild will upgrade your ticket for the rest of the year! You pay for one day and come back for the rest of the year for free! All you have to do is ask at the gate, it's that easy!


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Wet 'n Wild Rides

Blast Away Beach
  • Blastaway Beach™
    The biggest family water attratction in Central Florida.
  • Lazy River
    Get your lazy on at this aptly named attraction. Float around Wet 'n Wild park on this easy-flowing river.
    All children 48’’ and under are required to wear a US Coast Guard approved flotation device while swimming in the Lazy River.
  • Brain Wash™
    One of the newer rides, but one of the most favorite as well, the Brain Wash is a great 4 person ride that will put you on the edge of your tube! Hop on and take off with psychedelic lights and music as you ride away and come across unknown turns and twists.
    (All riders must be at least 48" ft. tall.)
  • Disco H2O™
    Prepare for some funky fun with this trippy ride. Board a 4-person clover-tube down an enclosed flume toward a watery disco nightclub - complete with disco balls, lights, and, of course, groovy music from the 70's.
    (All riders must be at least 48" ft. tall, or 36" ft. tall if riding with an adult.)

The Flyer
  • Aqua Drag Racer
    This Drag Racer has no brakes!
  • The Flyer
    Imagine those winter Olympic bobsleds that you can ride in, but you're in a swim suit! This four-person, in-line tube adventure covers 450 feet of hairpin turns and banked curves.
    (All riders must be at least 48" ft. tall, or 36" ft. tall if riding with an adult.)
  • The Black Hole™: The Next Generation
    This newly improved Wet 'n Wild classic, plunges you down a dark and mysterious tunnel with bursts of color and sound, while you ride a two-person hydra capsule at what seems to be the speed of light!
    (All riders must be at least 48" ft. tall.)
  • Der Stuka
    "Free fall" down this 6-story, 250-foot speed slide, then coast along a 115-foot water runway until you come to a stop.
    (All riders must be at least 48" ft. tall.)

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