TWISTER...Ride It Out®


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Twister...Ride It OutTwister... Ride It Out is truly a unique ride with a great deal of special effects located at Universal Studios Florida. This tornado simulator is themed after the 1996 movie “Twister”. Twister…Ride it Out is easy to find in the New York section of the park. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll notice that the ride hosts are familiar faces! Once you step into the ride you’ll go from Orlando, Florida to Wakita, Oklahoma where the movie takes place. There is tons of electronics in the line area that show home videos of twisters and a Fujita Scale which tops out! Stars Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt show up on a video screen to share their experiences filming the movie. After the video, guests walk into a new room which is modeled after “Aunt Meg’s” house. As soon as everyone enters the room, the dreaded twister begins and a television is violently thrown into a wall. The same television turns onto a channel with Paxton and Hunt and then it quickly changes to Channel 5 which broadcasts a weather anchor issuing a tornado warning in the same area you are in! Guests make their way from the room to a drive in theater and it begins to get a lot more intense. The guests line up on an observation platform under a corrugated metal roof, overlooking the outdoor scene and dark clouds roll into the sky. Suddenly, a tree gets struck by lightning, scenes from The Shining appear on the movie screen, sirens sound, and winds get stronger. If you look to the small house in the distance you can see a light and hear a family rushing to get into their cellar. A tornado drops from the sky, and rain begins to fall on you and the other guests. The tornado wrecks the drive-in screen, the diner, and a car, which causes a fireball to erupt. The roof of the observation platform also threatens to tear off. A cow, lifted by the wind, flies past the spectators. As the "storm" dies, the floor of the standing area lurches with a sudden drop, giving guests a final scare. Participants are then directed to exit through the "Aftermath" gift shop.

Twister was such a great ride, back when it first came out I was able to say that it was my favorite movie up until recently but that’s not the point. Going on twister was almost like a dream come true as weird as that sounds but whatever don’t judge me, anyways I went with my friends and it was a good experience because I was like I bet I wont get scared and no one believed me so I was like haha whatever and I went with about 3 people and I wasn’t the most scared person in the world but the people I went with looked like they just seen a ghost or something. It was crazy how real things looked the portion where the cow flies across the screen was crazy there was a little kid that thought the cow was real and that made me laugh for a pretty long time. Other than that the ride was awesome and I went and splurged on everything with the twister logo on it in the gift shop so when I got back to Kansas I can rock my fresh gear and people will hate, whatever no biggie. I was having a great day after the ride and since we went when all of the little kids were in school I had a great time because there was almost no lines whatsoever and I just walked in on most of the rides totally awesome I cant wait to go back!