The Simpsons Ride™

Editorial Review

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The Simpsons EntranceThe Simpsons Ride was opened to the public in May 2008, taking the place of the “Back to the Future” ride. It’s based on America’s favorite animated family, The Simpsons. The loved yellow family makes their way to a new theme park called KrustyLand which is a rip off of some of the world’s famous theme parks however the evil villain Sideshow Bob is out of prison and looking to get revenge on Krusty and The Simpsons Family. The Simpsons Ride is mainly a simulator ride where you are put in a cart and lifted into an area where you are surrounded by a screen. The cart moves in co ordinance with the screen making you feel like you are actually doing exactly what the screen shows. Universal Studios boasts that you will do two things at the same time that you have never done before: Laugh and Scream. The line of The Simpsons Ride is one of the most unique ever, you feel as if you are actually in an animated theme park as a number of screens play a short intro to the ride. You then walk into rooms with 8 people maximum where you watch another intro and you are then able to load onto the simulator. You automatically hear the voice of Homer Simpson instructing you to “Hurry up and sit down” until the ride is ready to go. Then are lifted up and hear a speech from an animated teenager who does not know basic algebra letting you know that you are in good hands. The ride then takes off on an unrealistic roller coaster which brings you to extraordinary heights and through unbelievable loops as you face mishaps that would only happen to the Simpsons. You are taken throughout Springfield, fall into an eternal hole, and even inside of a radioactive baby’s mouth! As you grab on to the seats in fear you will also be laughing at some of the funniest in-jokes you have ever heard. Universal Studios keeps it’s promise that you will be laughing and screaming at the same time.

The Simpsons Krustyland EntranceBeing a fan of the Simpsons since I was first introduced to it I have to ride the Simpsons ride every time I go to Universal Studios. The best part about the line is that it can be either 1 hour or 1 minute, no matter how long you will be entertained for every second of waiting. There are multiple screens all over the line that display short, funny movies of the Simpsons that will have you laughing all the way to the simulator. When you make your way to the front of the line you are directed to go into room with roughly about 8 other people, maybe less on a less-crowded day as you all anticipate getting onto the simulator. This room is equipped with a TV screen playing another short video and a carnival mirror which is sure to keep you entertained. Getting on the simulator is even fun! As you hear homer Simpson impatiently encouraging you to hurry up and get seated and you finally take off, being lifted into the simulator room where you are placed on a roller coaster behind the Simpsons. Then Homer falls onto the track and begins to get chased by a bowling ball, this eventually bumps you onto the tracks of another roller coaster. Ending up in a “kiddy ride” Sideshow pops out of a field of bamboo attached to a gigantic panda which knocks the head of another panda off and tosses you onto a water ride where you will fall down a large waterfall where you will be misted by the spray jets on the ride. Sideshow bob then reappears where at this point you feel as if you are doomed since you are in his possession, But thanks to an oversized radioactive baby you are saved and then transported into the world famous Simpson’s couch which turns out to be a disguised version of a death drop taking you all the way down to the end of the ride. Simpsons fan or not this ride is a unique one and you should not leave Universal Studios without getting on this at least once!