Terminator 2®: 3-D

Editorial Review

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Terminator 2 3D EntranceThe terminator is one of Universals oldest yet most popular rides. It is a mini sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This ride features Arnold Schwarzenegger as “The Terminator” as well as other actors and actresses from the original movies. You enter a room that features a series of television monitors that are displaying mini video segments via the Cyberdyne Information Network (C.I.N.) you will eventually get into the process of seeing the pre show which is hosted by Kimberly Duncan who is the director of the Cyberdyne Systems community relations and media control. At this time you are standing among the audience watching a promotional video about one of Cyberdyne’s newest innovation however the video is interrupted and exposes Cyberdyne’s evil plans and advises everyone to clear out the building before it is blown up. After the short interruption Kimberly Duncan assures everyone that the situation is being controlled by security. You then exit the room and enter another room to the main show to view Cyberdyne’s newest creation. Their newest creations are robotic soldiers called the T-70 Terminators. Guests are then seated and are instructed to put on their “safety visors” to watch the terminators perform the tasks they are expected to do. A future terminator then rides through on a motorcycle and brings an actor into the future where he experiences the war of the man vs. machine the head to the Skynet core and whenever they reach it they come into contact with the T-1000000 which is a giant liquid metal spider that they have to battle, after the intense battle the cast is reunited.

The terminator was the first ride I remember from my first trip to Universal Studios. Mainly because I was very young and the machine guns, robots, and 3D aspects of the ride caught my attention for the rest of my life. The beginning of the ride shows all of the television screens displaying Cyberdyne’s innovations; this part is very interesting if you are interested in technology or action for that matter. The second room which hosts the main show is filled with in your face 3D effects, loud noises, lasers, and even more loud noises! This ride takes you on an action filled adventure to the future and even farther into the future and shows you the dangers of the newest robotic soldiers. Another unique thing about this ride that never fails to impress the viewers are the live action stunts, most rides lack “live-performances” but Terminator 2 3D has an extensive amount of live stunts. Though I first went on this ride when I was very young I wouldn’t recommend it for the smallest riders, Universal Studios actually recommends this ride for “Ultimate Adventurers, Adults, & Teens” the ride may be scary to small children. Generally this is a great ride if your around the age of 13 and older and not such a great choice to bring smaller children that will be afraid of the loud noises and robots.