Shrek 4-D™

Editorial Review

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Shrek 4D EntranceShrek 4D is one of the newer rides in Universal Studios, however it has been gaining great popularity during its run. The Shrek 4D Ride is so popular it is playing at Universal Studios and movie complexes all over the world including Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Japan, Movie Park in Bottrop Germany, Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia and Universal Studios Singapore. Before you actually get onto a ride you are led into a dungeon decorated room with large television screens and characters from the Shrek series. You are introduced to Lord Farquaad who is holding the three little pigs, gingerbread man, and Pinocchio hostage. Lord Farquaad’s main objective is to capture Princess Fiona so it’s up to Shrek and Donkey to save her from his wrath. On your way into the ride area you are given 3-D glasses the film itself is 3-D however the 4-D part is all in the seats. The seats are equipped with air jets and rubber tubing to replicate the feel of insects. The seats also move in sync with the film making you feel like you are actually there with them, you will be surprised at how real donkey’s sneeze feels! The ride is about 16 minutes not including the wait in line however it is one of the longer rides in Universal Studios as well. You will be taken through running, jumping, rafting, carriage riding and more during this adventure and you can expect to come across objects such as fireballs, creepy crawlies, water and more! Shrek 4-D is a unique attraction which keeps you at the edge of your seat…That is if you can manage to hold on to your seat! You will be amazed at how life like this short film/ride feels; you’d actually feel as if you are in the film itself. Generally most children love this ride and so do many adults. It’s a great place to take your kids or yourself!

I always planned on my first time riding Shrek 4D to be my last time. Simply because I thought it was just another kiddy ride that wouldn’t have gave me the thrills I desire. I disliked every minute of waiting in the line up until we were led into the dungeon at the beginning of the ride, where I found myself laughing at the jokes being told by a gingerbread man, Pinocchio, and three pigs. To my surprise the pre-show was actually funny and I enjoyed watching it and laughing along with everyone in the room from the youngest to the oldest. When we got out 3-D glasses I began to get excited. We sat down and I thought 4-D really just meant “3-D Glasses and moving seat” however the moving was the least that the seat did. I was shocked when I felt mists of water being sprayed on me, or fireballs moving through the air, but I must say the best part was when the insects come out because if you focus off of the screen for a moment you can see the people that are terribly afraid taking of their glasses and brushing themselves off, even though everyone in the room knows that the ride is not real the feelings make you believe otherwise. The ride was about 15 minutes long and the story line was absolutely amazing, it was a perfect mix of action, and comedy without overdoing one or the other. And to my surprise the jokes from the comedy part of the ride didn’t only appeal to children as there were many adults laughing along with them. Overall this ride made me change my entire view of children’s rides at Universal Studios and even though I felt regret the second I stepped into the line I actually enjoyed the ride a lot and plan on revisiting it soon, not as often as I would visit my other favorites but I don’t plan on completely ignoring its existence. This ride is perfect if you have children, they will love this ride and the characters in it. It would be a great experience to laugh along with your children to a family oriented short film as you enjoy yourselves on an action packed adventure ride.

The Chamber of Sacrifices is the first chamber you will enter, you will see and altar and a few paintings that depict an epic struggle. This is when the interesting parts of the ride begin so be prepared for some of the most unbelievable ancient acts you’ll ever see!