Revenge of the Mummy®

Editorial Review

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Revenge of the Mummy EntranceRevenge of the Mummy is known as the worlds only psychological thrill ride, mainly because the ride is all indoors and it is impossible to predict what is going to happen next. The ride was opened in May 2004 and was built by Premier Rides who worked very closely with Stephen Sommers , The director of the Mummy movie franchise. The ride lasts very close to 3 minutes with speeds up to 45 mph. Upon entering the ride you walk through the line area viewing props, molds, concept drawings and artifacts from the original films. The vehicles on the ride replicate mine cars as you take off into a 1940’s Egyptian tomb. You then find the missing character from the crew partially mummified as he warns you to leave, you are then greeted by a mummy who comes out of a coffin and demands you forfeit your souls. After your meeting with the mummy you roll into a room with a treasure chest and you become ambushed by a solider mummy, after fleeing from the mummy you enter a room which seems to be enclosed by bricks. Scarab beetles then invade the room from the cracks in the walls and the mine car drops backwards and does a 180 degree turn and shoots off at 45 mph into the complete darkness. The only lights you see at this point are those that light the mummies and the fireballs that randomly appear out of the darkness. You them pull to a complete stop where you are directed by a female crew member to “please remain seated” as she thanks you for riding, then the mummy returns and demolishes the crew member as the ride drops down nearly 40 feet into the darkness and takes on another series of winding, twisting, turns on a completely dark track until you return on a flat track where Brendan Fraser greets you from a television screen and asks for a cup of coffee which is handed to him by the evil mummy which ends the ride. Before entering the ride you are encouraged to store your personal belongings in Universal Studios’ complimentary lockers. The time on the lockers is 45 minutes however you can choose to rent them for longer periods of time for a smaller fee. After exiting the ride you are put right in front of the lockers so you can just grab whatever you stored on your way out.

Riding the Revenge of the Mummy for the first time was a great experience for me. I’ve passed by the attraction many times before but I’ve always been with someone who was afraid of being on a roller coaster in the dark, Fortunately a friend and I got to ride it. The First thing I noticed when walking into Revenge of the Mummy was the props that were on display they looked like ancient artifacts and they were pretty cool to just look at. The line wasn’t very long but of course we were there at about 9:00 am, it usually tends to get a lot more riders as more and more people enter the park at later times. The crew member instructed us to sit in the carts which were pretty comfortable for a ride we were then let into the darkness. Entering into the darkness the first scary park was when we were first going in there was a wall that was closing down on us, it felt like it only missed us by a hair. The mummies also kept popping out of nowhere which was another scary thing because on some rides you can expect it but in the complete darkness you couldn’t even see your hand if you put it in front of your face! As the ride continues there is a lot of going backwards, dropping, and spinning around. During those stunts you are also surprised by fireballs, beetles and even more mummies! The most unpredictable part of the ride was the false ending, where the crew member on the screen instructed us to stay seated, I actually fell for that and thought the ride was over. We then dropped down and twisted, turned and spun around as we were sprayed and misted until the end of the ride where we saw an actor from the movie being greeted by the evil mummy that has been tormenting us for nearly all of the ride. Overall even though it was my first time riding the Revenge of the Mummy it has immediately made its way to the top of my favorite roller coasters and I plan on making riding it every time I go to Universal Studios a great priority.