MEN IN BLACK™ Alien Attack™

Editorial Review

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Men in Black: Alien Attack EntranceMen in Black: Alien Attack is one of the most interactive rides in Universal Studios in fact it’s probably about 50% ride and 50% game. Men in Black: Alien Attack was made after the Men in Black series of movies. The introduction to this attraction looks like a pavilion at the 1964 World Expo, You enter as a tourist about to attend a presentation and shortly after you enter an elevator you realize that you are becoming an agent for the Men in Black. You are taken though various rooms displaying top secret labs, weapons and even employees asleep on the job! After making it through these rooms you make your way to the training facility to begin the attraction. The attraction is on a flat track, each time two 6-passenger cars are going head to head to both have fun and see who can generate the highest score. Your tools to generate a high score are your own personal laser gun, and a screen that keeps track of your score. You will come into contact with aliens and hidden targets which you are supposed to shoot in order to rack up a score. Not only are you competing with the other people in your car, you will also be competing with the people in the opposite car. The rides are also equipped with a red button which you are instructed not to push. During this normal training procedure an alien space ship crash lands into the facility, your guns are turned on to “high-mode” as you are about to take on real aliens. Most aliens are visible however if you refocus your eyes you can see smaller aliens hiding in corners, up in windows, on top of roofs, and hanging off light posts. It’s even rumored that Steven Spielberg is a high-value target that is disguised somewhere in the ride. Some aliens will fire back causing the cart to spin uncontrollably. In the middle of the ride you go face to face with the opposing car as you both pass through an “alien screen” which reveals the other team as aliens, you are encouraged to shoot your lasers at them and make their cars spin as well. At the end of the ride your scores are compared and you will find out if you are the winning team or not. But you also get neurolized to the point where you won’t remember anything, or at least that’s the point.

Men in Black: Alien Attack is a great attraction no matter who you go with. Most of the times I’ve went on Men in Black: Alien Attack it was with my girlfriend who always insisted on letting her win however I have too much pride to do that! The first time riding this ride my score was only about 27,000 give or take however the most recent time I was in the 900,000 range, the highest score you can get on this attraction is 999,999. There are a lot of rumors about this ride insisting that there are certain aliens and hidden creatures and some invisible targets that are worth hundreds of thousands of points however you must be an experienced rider to know where they are, If I’ve hit any of those targets I’ve probably done it by accident because I’ve been on this ride nearly 20 times and still haven’t seen a high value target or Steven Spielberg, mainly because I’m too busy focusing on my score, my girlfriends score, and the aliens at the same time. The best tips I’ve come across for this ride is to hit the opposing teams target located on the top of their car as they pass through the “alien screen” and make sure you hit the red button first when you hear the roach alien Zed direct you to do so. Other than the game portion this is also a great ride, you never know when your car is going to spin out of control or when the aliens pop out of nowhere! Men in Black: Alien Attack is a great ride if you enjoy shooting games, or if you are the type of person who likes bragging rights among your friends, or a few random strangers who are in your cart.