Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit®

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The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit® at Universal Studios was recently opened in August 2009. The ride was built by a team of engineers who worked very closely with rock legend Syd Vinyl. This ride is made to replicate Syd’s live performances as you are filmed by a camera in front of you, throughout the ride you will be listening to music which varies by ride time. The first thing you’ll notice about this ride is that you suddenly go up at a near 90 degree angle only to be rushed down 17 stories at speeds reaching 65 mph as you twist and turn around the streets of Universal Studios. The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit® is the most technologically-advanced and personalized roller coaster in the world, with the ability to choose your own soundtrack and to play in the background of your own “music video” which is filmed by your on board camera. The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit® features 8 moves that the world has never seen before, the Vertical lift which brings you up at nearly 90 degrees, the double take puts you on a loop but flips you around just in time so you ride the loop upright instead of upside down, the treble clef replicates the shape of a treble clef as it spins around and down under itself, the jump cut makes you feel like you’re floating as you bump and twist on the track, after the jump cut you do the crowd surfer where you ride on your side and view the crowd waiting in line to get on the roller coaster, the drop tuning portion of this ride takes you underground through narrow short grass areas and back up again to the plot twist giving a huge spin in front of the onlookers to finish off with the chorus sending you on a high speed ground maneuver and one last jump as you pull into the pit and end the ride. All of these stunt and maneuvers are done in a state of the art vehicle fully equipped with super quiet wheels, pulsating strobe lights, a guest interface panel (GIP) where you can choose your type of music, and a camera straight out of an army tank to record the whole thing!

Before waiting in line you will be encouraged to put your belongings in a complimentary locker with the option to upgrade the time for a small fee. While waiting in the line you will be introduced to the 5 animated crew members that will introduce you to the rules of entering the ride in a comical short video, the animation will keep you entertained until you are able to get on the ride. Each character represents one genre of music, while being seated you have the option to choose which genre you would like to listen to on your touch screen GIP located on your lap bar.

"My experience on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit® was amazing, We went on the first day that it opened so the line was extremely long, it was like everyone wanted to check out the ride. When we finally got to the end of the line I was shocked by how futuristic the cars looked with their bright red color and flashing lights, even the lap bar was futuristic! It came with a touch screen unit which let you choose one genre out of the five that were offered, but honestly I wasn’t even interested in the unit – I was more interested in beginning the ride! The engineers of this ride did a great job because as soon as you are strapped up the first thing you do is go straight up at almost 90 degrees for what is said to be 17 stories but feels like a lot higher, then when you reach the top you go right over and slide down the track so fast it made my back part from the seat, then we hit a majority of twists and turns and a loop that I expected to go upside down on but somehow went right side up, the most un expected part was when we went in through a building and out through the other side right above the street. Before the end of the ride we were put on our sides where we got to see everyone that was waiting in line as they all stared at us as we rolled by it really felt like we were the “rock stars” of Universal Studios. Entering the pit I looked around and saw my friend fixing his hair along with everyone else that had long hair – also noticing that no one was disappointed with the ride at all. The staff letting us off the ride was very friendly and directed us to our pictures that were snapped while going through the building, I ended up purchasing it only because the experience on the ride was so good, I plan on riding the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit® again in the near future!"