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Pirates Dinner Adventure

Treasure Tavern Dinner Show AdventureOne of the hottest new dinner shows has become a sister show of one of Orlando’s favorite dinner shows. Many visitors who have been to the Pirates Dinner Show can agree that its one of the most interesting shows in the Central Florida! You can already guess that the Treasure Tavern is a going to be one of the greatest shows in the Central Florida area because its coming from the same great writers who created the original Pirate’s Dinner Show which has been getting attention from all over the world for its uniqueness.

Treasure Tavern Acrobatics!You start off on your swashbuckling adventure by getting treated to their signature Rum Punch which is completely free upon entry for the visitors that are of legal drinking age. Once you hydrate yourself with the sweet nectar you step into the hottest Caribbean tavern outside of the Caribbean, the Treasure Tavern. You will get acquainted with Gretta who will escort you to you’ll be seated to enjoy your three course meal and your two-hour show, so you’re in for one good time!

Treasure Tavern EntertainmentThis may be a comedy show, but there is nothing funny about the food, you can feast on a great array of food including a hand picked fresh tossed Garden Salad, and an aged 8 oz. Mid-Western Beef Steak served with the choice of loaded or mashed potatoes with asparagus and hollandaise sauce for your appetizer and main course. You can finish the meal off with the one of a kind Opera Cake, made with layers of thin almond sponge cake filled with ganache and coffee butter cream. For the vegetarians in the party the dining options are more personalized. And for those looking for a good time there is a full liquor bar available.

Treasure Tavern Adult Dinner ShowBrace yourself for an evening of joke after joke as you watch this comedy show with daring acrobatics, live performances, live music, and one of the best meals of your life. This is not your ordinary dinner show, in fact its unlike any other dinner show you’ve ever been to! Sit back, relax and enjoy your stay at the Treasure Tavern.

Menu Items

Garden Salad Hand picked fresh tossed salad.
Slow Roasted Prime Rib 8 oz. aged Mid-Western beef served with choice of loaded baked or mashed potato and asparagus with hollandaise sauce.
Opera Cake Layers of thin almond sponge cake soaked with espresso, filled with ganache and coffee butter cream
Full Liquor Bar

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Pirates Dinner Adventure