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Titanic Experience 100 year

Take an adventure back in time! The brand new, 20,000 sq.ft. Titanic attraction, located at 7324 International Drive, let’s you explore over twenty unique rooms featuring full-scale recreations of Titanic’s most famous locales; including her Grand Staircase, First Class Parlor Suite, Captain’s Bridge, Marconi Room, Verandah Café and the amazing Boiler area. Exceptionally trained actors in period costume portray famous Titanic notables such as Capt. Smith and Molly Brown, sharing stories of her passengers and crew during your hour-long guided tour, which features a walk out on to the ships Promenade Deck to feel the chill of the cold Atlantic air and view the brilliant night stars, as well as a stop to lay your hand on the freezing cold surface of an Iceberg.

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The world renowned attraction also features an extensive Underwater/Expedition area, displaying an eight foot replica of Titanic as she appears on the bottom of the Atlantic today with multiple screens showing ‘never before seen’ HD footage of the wreck shot during the most recent expedition, led by exhibit owner and Expedition leader, G. Michael Harris. Also showcased at the ‘World’s First Permanent Titanic Attraction’ are over 200 artifact and historical treasures, including movie memorabilia from James Cameron’s blockbuster film, TITANIC.

The Titanic - The Experience is unlike any other exhibit you'll ever go to. Instead of the usual museum experience of just walking around and looking at stuff, the Titanic exhibition immerses you into the time period. You are transported back to an era before the World Wars; back when the industrial revolution was just reaching adolescence, back when there were races to build the biggest ships to ever set sail. And it all starts from the time you pay for admission and receive your "boarding pass." Its like you are actually boarding the tragic ship itself.

Unlike a museum, Titanic - The Experience has a cast of actors on hand. These actors portray characters based on the crew and passengers of the Titanic. Through their individual stories, you are guided through through the full-scale replicas of the Titanic's most famous rooms. These rooms have actual artifacts from the ship itself (there are over 200 artifacts in total to be found in this attraction). There's even movie memorabilia from the the James Cameron, Oscar-nominated, film.

The experience can be likened to going on a cruise. You get a boarding pass, get on the ship, receive a warm greeting from the captain, are shown your room, invited to the dining room, and even have a little dance in the ballroom. That is where the similarities between Titanic - The Experience and an actual cruise end, however.

As the tour goes on, you'll enter a room that's dark and a little chilly, almost ice cold. This is the part of the museum that mimics the Titanic's tragic end. Solid ice that you actually can touch, is scattered through out the room. There's a really big piece in the center. They call this part of the exhibition the Underwater room. You'll find an 8-foot replica of the Titanic, modeled in the likeness of the real Titanic as it lies on the bottom of the Atlantic today, in the Underwater room as well.

Visiting Titanic - The Experience will be unlike any museum you have have ever been to.

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