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timeshare rentalsTimeshare Vacations - over 4 million owners have already figured it out!  Buy & Sell your timeshares!  Why pay full price for a timeshare unit when you can buy a timeshare resale.  And timeshare sales and timeshare rentals are our specialty.  It's so much cheaper to rent a timeshare than a hotel and it is much much much more comfortable.  Imagine staying in a high end exclusive timeshare resort on your vacation and paying less than you would for a single room hotel.  We help you sell or rent your timeshare by giving you increased worldwide exposure through our powerful network of websites.  We offer a quick, safe and worry free way to rent a timeshare or sell your timeshare property.

Why would you go to a timeshare resort and pay full retail? You can save up to 50% or more on the price of a timeshare unit when you buy your timeshare on the resale market.  There are no broker fees, no appraisals, no commissions to be paid.  And the buying process doesn't have the high pressure sales pitch that you normally face.  Browse the properties like you would any real estate listing.  View the information and YOU choose the resort that is best for you.  In many cases you can rent a week at that resort at a huge discount to determine if that is the resort you'd like to own at.

Timeshare resales and timeshare rentals are our business.  We've been in the travel/tourism business for over 27 years.  We are located in the heart of the timeshare universe just outside Orlando Florida.  We work with all the major resort companies, including Westgate, Hyatt, Marriott, Disney Vacation Club, Hilton and more.  In many cases, timeshare resale buyers can enjoy the amenities and perks of RCI membership or II timeshare ownership when they buy a timeshare unit on the secondary market.

timeshare resales

Call toll free 1-888-206-6040 to buy a timeshare, rent a timeshare or sell a timeshare.


Featured Timeshare Rentals - These are the hottest rental properties we currently have available.
These listings will change regularly.

Timeshare for sale
Wyndham Resort
Price:  $9400 (sale)
Timeshare unit for sale
Wyndham Resort
Price:  $9400 (sale)

We are the only timeshare resale and timeshare rental specialists to also be one of the top discount Disney ticket and Universal ticket wholesalers in the country.  What does this mean to you?  This means when you go to sell your timeshare resale unit, we can package attraction tickets in the deal.  Or if you're renting or buying a timeshare, we can complete your vacation package with ticket discounts and have them waiting for you at the resort when you arrive.  No need to shop around for discounts on tickets - let us put the whole rental vacation package together for you.  We've been in the travel package business for over 27 years and work on your side to get the best deals.

Featured Timeshare Resales - These are the hottest properties we currently have available.
These listings will change regularly.

timeshare for rent
Wyndham Resort
Price:  $500/wk (rent)
rent a timeshare
Wyndham Resort
Price:  $500/wk (rent)
rental timeshares
Wyndham Resort
Price:  $500/wk (rent)

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May 1, 2013