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Silver Springs Tickets

Silver Springs offers something other theme parks cannot, and that is Florida in all its natural beauty. This is due in part to the location of the nature theme park itself. The 350 acres that make up Silver Springs surrounds the biggest Artesian Spring formation in the entire world, the headwaters of Silver River. It is in and around these waters that Florida's endangered panthers and bears, and the largest alligators make their home. This is home to the world famous glass bottom boats. This is home to Florida's greatest beauty. Won't you come for a visit? Billy Boy's makes the visit easy on the wallet. Have a look at our discounted prices.

River Cruises

  • Glass Bottom Boats: This is a MUST when you come to Silver Springs, this is what they are known for. On this cruise, you'll take a tour of the 7 main spring formations that make up You'll enjoy a view of the tremendous beauty of these springs and the wildlife that only a scuba diver could match. Have your camera ready.

  • Fort King River Cruise: in a relatively short distance, you'll travel trough 10,000 years of history. You'll go back to a time when there were only Indians in these lands. There's the Seminole Indian village, an archaeological dig, and an authentic Florida "Cracker" homestead.

  • Lost River Voyage: where the Fort King River Cruise takes you through the human history, the Lost River Voyage takes you through the natural history of Silver Springs. You'll see 500 year old cypress trees lining the riverbanks. You can watch a real live Discovery Channel nature episode in progress as the wildlife interacts with its natural environment.

Silver Springs Botanical Garden

Silver SpringsSilver Springs also has a beautiful botanical garden which features a variety of native and exotic plants along the banks of the Silver River. The Silver Springs botanical gardens is a popular location for weddings. A stroll through this serene background will provide you with the relaxation you've been waiting for!


Rides and Activities

  • The Lighthouse Ride: this ride provides a beautiful, panoramic view of the entire Silver Springs Nature Park. Rising 80ft at its height, this attraction is part gondola - part carousel.

  • Kids Ahoy! Playland: this is a great spot for the young ones. They get play around in a replica of a 19th century riverboat embedded in a shallow pool.

  • Fantastic Fountains Water Show: Think of the Bellagio fountains without the backdrop of gambling, and that's what you get with this show.

  • The Birds of the Rain Forest Show: you'll see "nature's entertainers" at their funniest. Macaws, Cockatoos and Parrots will say and do the 'darnest' things.

  • The Birds of Prey Show: the fiercest birds of prey are on display in the Silver River Showcase Theater.

  • Reptiles of the World Show: myths about crocodiles, turtles, and alligators are proven to be fiction at this fascinating and entertaining show.

  • Non-Venomous Snake Show: Don't worry, these snakes don't bite! In fact, they are harmless. So feel free to touch if you are curious.

  • Alligator and Crocodile Feedings: You'll witness trained professionals conduct the feedings of these fierce animals. This show is presented only during the summer months.

Wildlife Exhibits

  • Big Gator Lagoon: You'll be able to observe the biggest gators in the state (from the safety of an elevated boardwalk of course). These gators get up to be 11 to 13 feet long! And there is one 16 footer, they call him Sobek, so have your eyes open for that guy.

  • World of Bears: 2 acres of habitat showcase Black Bears, Kodiaks, and other endangered North-American species of bear. There is no bigger bear exhibit in the world.

  • Panther Prowl: RRRRRaaarrrr! The cougar is on the prowl. To be more specific, the Western cougar is on the prowl. This is one of North America's biggest and most beautiful wild cats.


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