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Manta EntranceManta is the newest roller coaster in SeaWorld Orlando and has quickly become one of Central Florida's favorite. The way Manta was built was a lot different than most roller coasters, not only is it the only flying coaster in Florida, it has an indoor waiting line to prevent you from feeling the heat on those sunny Florida days. These days most people are focused on the building process of everything. SeaWorld made a statement in the process of building Manta, not only as the first flying roller coaster built in Florida as the "Greenest" roller coaster built in the world. With about 9 techniques:

Sustainable Water Treatment - Water, is the most important thing at SeaWorld and it means a lot that it has been built green, the filtration system is all built to use the correct amount of water that is needed to support the aquatic systems without using too much.

Animal Conservation Efforts - SeaWorld has teamed up with some of the biggest names to begin breeding extinct animals to help their species thrive.

Tree Replanting - One of the big things SeaWorld is known for is the landscaping. While knocking down some of the trees in the area in which Manta now stands the officials at SeaWorld have planted over 215 trees of various species throughout the park.

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Manta Coaster Dip Home Grown Coral - The Aquariums have grown multiple different types of coral in the area of the Manta ride, which have helped create a thriving underwater ecosystem as well as a beautiful display.

Wood Scrap Usage - Using wood that otherwise would have gone to waste, the builders in charge of Manta have saved trees from potentially being cut down while also providing a natural and organic look to the interior of the line waiting rooms.

Lighting Alternatives - Lighting the rooms with LED and CFL lighting that both last about 10 times longer than the traditional lamps also save a great deal of energy as well.

Electrical Layouts - The wire used to conduct electricity go directly from the source to the destination eliminating extra and non-needed wire.

Efficient Boilers - The boilers used to heat the water burn about 15% less energy than usual boilers on other rides and attractions.

Saltwater Recycling - The salt water is re-used after it is cleaned and filtered so the animals stay healthy through the use of the water.

Manta FlyingBefore you even step foot on the loading platform of this ride you will be dazzled and amazed by aquariums that stretch from the floor to the ceiling and show off rare sea dragons and thousands of exotic fish swimming in school and spirals. Also near the large aquariums are a pop up aquarium where you get a 360 degree view of all the fish as it feels like you are in the aquarium yourselves. A really interesting additive to the aquarium is the Pacific octopus. It slinks back and forth inside of an underwater tube. SeaWorld biologists have began teaching the octopus tricks such as opening a jar to get food! One of the most interesting features of the aquarium is the three hundred rays the swim/fly past you, When you enter the room you will be surrounded by these amazing creatures as the swim around and even over you! In addition to the live rays you can search for over 30 rays that are carved into the rock wall. For the non-riders there is an aquarium which is wider than the one in the riders line and features a few more animals. Exiting the aquarium you'll notice a fast breeze coming your way as the gigantic metal manta zooms by you at what Manta Flyfeels like just inches away. The manta ray thrill ride speeding, flying, soaring, gliding and spinning at highway speeds sends riders to a scary state where they are only focused on the adrenaline and screaming. The ride itself is truly a unique experience not only is it different for all of the major rides in Central Florida because you are actually hanging over the ground rather than sitting. The stunts that make this ride worth while are the close encounters. You feel like you are inches away from crashing into walls, water and other structures. The signature dip in the ride is what most riders find fascinating as the wing of the Manta turns and dips right into the water.

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