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Kraken When you come to SeaWorld, you're mainly coming for the marine life and of course, Shamu. In light of the increasing demand for more excitement within the park, SeaWorld decided to build a new ride that would fulfill that demand. Kraken was the answer to that demand

Kraken is a 149 foot floorless roller coaster that launches you through seven loops! When you look at this coaster from the ground it doesn't look so bad. But once you're up there you might just be second guessing your decision to ride it. Out of the many roller coasters in Florida this one stands out just because of the design. The ride is very short lived, only 3 minutes long but every second is thrilling.

Kraken Upside Down ViewWhat I really thought was great about this ride was that the lines were not that long. They can get long but, if you time it right, you can get on with no wait. The key is to wait until the new show Believe starts; there is a better chance that you will avoid long lines if you do. The reason is because that stadium holds over 600 people and is usually packed for each show. Therefore, a lot of people in the park will be watching the show. That means that the line for Kraken will be much smaller.

Kraken may not be the tallest or fastest roller coaster in the world but it is definitely a thrilling one. At speeds up to 65 mph this roller coaster is a must see and ride! What I found to be the most exciting is its first drop. This is when the G-forces are at their highest. This is where the thrill comes in. As you bullet down the 140 foot drop you see the ground coming at you very fast. Then you enter the first loop, which is the largest loop. Up and down and round and round. This coaster takes your body though the whole spectrum of G-forces.

The theory goes that there is a monster that lives in the sea. He is a half mile across and travels the north Atlantic with a vengeance. Back in the 1700's this monster sank many ships and killed several seamen. No one has seen this creature since, until now. The creature reappeared in Orlando, FL. This 4500 foot monster made his home in SeaWorld. To this day he is still scaring the life out of the happy people that venture to SeaWorld.

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