Journey To Atlantis

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Journey To Atlantis Journey into the lost and forgotten city of Atlantis as you conquer twists, turns and water falls. You make your way around the surroundings on this one of a kind water coaster ride. Ride down a dark passageway and begin to enter the sunken city which is guarded by sirens and steep, wet drops. SeaWorld claims journey to Atlantis as the future of thrill riders, the reasoning behind that is that Journey to Atlantis is a combination of roller coaster and water rides with special effects that enhance the experience that make you want to come back and ride it again! Not only is it the future of thrill rides because it combines two of America's favorite types of rides it also has a line of surprises that happen at any given time which plays an important role on the riders. An interesting fact about Journey to Atlantis is that it was SeaWorld's first roller coaster and to this day is still a favorite among visitors and locals. The vehicles on Journey to Atlantis are specially designed boats with wheels located on the bottom and on the sides of the ship. Each one of the boats carries up to eight passengers, The layout of the boat is 4 rows and 2 seats per row as far as safely on the ride there is a single lap bar secures both passengers in the row ensuring that you're in safe hands as you take on the fierce twists and turns.

Journey To Atlantis Splash The ride begins as the boat moves along the path of the conveyor belt into an underwater canal, which is really just a specially designed water flume. You hear a loud siren as the view of Atlantis becomes closer and closer. Entering the city all looks well, and you would least expect that something wrong is happening until you are lifted up a chain hill into the roller coaster phase of this ride. At one point you begin to make a sharp left turn and you may think you have reach the peak of the lift however you proceed to make your way Journey To Atlantis Splashup the second lift hill, at the top of the second lift hill the boat then enters a dry flume at the top of the hill that carries the boat to the large drop. Make sure you wear your game face at this point because the ride's cameras are watching!

The boat then makes a sharp right turn that leads to a short drop and a final lift hill that leads back into the temple for one final encounter with the siren. When you reach the top of the lift hill you are no longer on water, you are on a roller coaster type track where you face the siren once again. The boat leaves the siren and enters into the darkness, down a spiraling drop to the left before swooping up and landing in the last splash pool. After the last drop the boat is taken to the unloading dock which ends the thrill of the ride.

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