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SeaWorld is like no other theme park in Orlando. You'll find one-of-a-kind rides, shows, and its the only place where you'll find Shamu, the Killer Whale. SeaWorld is also the one and only theme park in Orlando that emphasizes education as much as it does entertainment. So, when you bring the kids along, they're going to have fun and learn something new at the same time. You can call it a "sneaky education". SeaWorld Orlando is the premier aquatic theme park on the planet. Thrilling rides, world class shows, and a collection of marine-life like no other encompass the 199 acres of land that make up SeaWorld. The number of visitors that have experienced the enlivening rides and once-in-a-lifetime animal encounters have hit the millions and that number is climbing. Come on and find out for yourself what millions of people already know: SeaWorld is a must see.

Come see Shamu and friends at SeaWorld Orlando and enjoy all the spectacular shows, events, and latest rides.

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SeaWorld Orlando Rides, Shows and Experiences

MAKO: Feel the Predator Power!

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SeaWorld Ticket Types

SeaWorld Orlando is home of some of the most unique ride experiencs in the world. Come visit Shamu and all his ocean friends. The following are the various ticket options that allow you access to SeaWorld.

Mako: The Tallest, Longest, and Fastest coaster in Orlando.

SeaWorld Orlando Rides

Manta Swooping By
  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
    As one of the coldest attractions ever to be conceived, guests explore Antarctica through the eyes of a penguin named Puck. This realm has a signature attraction that is a trackless, motion-based simulator, family thrill ride. Guests also have the ability to choose what type of experience they want to have, either "wild" or "mild".
  • Turtle Trek
    The Turtle Trek attraction transports guests into the day in the life of a sea turtle, in a way never seen before. Daring guests will meander about a pair of aquariums, including manatees and sea turtles. Later, the journey will carry then into a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art, domed, 3-D theatre. Starting from her nest, the movie will follow the life of a female turtle. Sudden encounters with other animals will appear as well as shipwrecks and dangers. Using 3-D imaging to create a type of holographic image of sea turtles, guest will explore a new world of what SeaWorld dubbed, "hyper-real" CGI, where these turtles will appear to swim about guests.
  • MANTA: Ride the Flying Ray
    One of SeaWorld's most adventurous creations is the Manta, where park goers "Ride the Flying Ray." Riders let their feet dangle as they sit four to a row, seconds later they're face down hovering about 6 feet above concrete awaiting to climb the first hill. As you least expect it you are sent head first downwards down the big loop, which is only the first part of the ride. The second half of the ride displays more close encounters with water, structures and even a waterfall. Throughout the ride the scenery is constantly changing from sky to trees to waterfront to wall and finally to the blue metal landing zone.
  • Kraken
    There is an ancient myth that the great Sea-God Poseidon had a monstrosity caged deep within a watery prison. But how can you call it a myth when people are taken to heights of a 15-story building and dropped just as deep, at speeds reaching 65 mph, on a daily basis? The monster has been un-leashed at SeaWorld Orlando! Come and find out what it feels like to ride the longest, tallest, and fastest coaster in Orlando!
  • Journey to Atlantis
    Part water-ride, part roller-coaster, Journey to Atlantis will take you for a ride like no other in Central Florida. You are guided through the depths into the sunken city of Atlantis by a magical sea-horse. However, the spirits who guard the city not only want you to visit the city, they want you to become permanent residents! Escape from their grasp by daring twist and turns on high speed rails, and taking the plunge down a near vertical, 60-foot drop!

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