Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin


Anarctica: Empire of the PenguinFor the first-time-ever, SeaWorld is planning to add a new centerpiece attraction to its stable of parks.

Effectively transporting guests into the icy world of Penguins, Antarctica will represent the largest expansion in the history of SeaWorld since the park first opened in 1973.

For the last 37 years, SeaWorld has hosted an exclusive whimsical tour beneath-the-ocean where both land and sea collide to immerse guests into a new world filled with friendly sea-creatures. From its inception, the mission has remained the same; to promote underwater conservation of endangered species through a network of programs.

Blending both underwater immersive experiences with high-speed rollercoaster and thrill rides, SeaWorld continues to offer featured attractions including the Behind the Scenes Tour, Beluga Interaction Program, Dolphins Up-Close Tour, Summer Nights, Kraken, Manta, One Ocean, and now Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin.

Even with its immense success over the years, SeaWorld has decided to put a bold new concept on the drawing board to keep in step with the changing times. As recently as 2010, experts have noted that film Theme-Park’s like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, have become a strategy for a sensory experience that has revolutionized the industry.

As one of the coldest attractions ever to be conceived, guest will explore Antarctica through the eyes of a penguin. Once the doors close, guests will know that they have entered a different place.

Artist and planners have unveiled a 2-year, 3-tiered expansion with concrete details to satisfy the demands of this unusual marketplace. SeaWorld, Discovery Cove and Aquatica, create the most dynamic entertainment mecca in existence today.

Artist’s drawings introduce guests to a chilly new world filled with dark, rugged terrain, snowcapped mountains, and standing watch from high above. Experts are hoping that this new movie themed park will propelled SeaWorld’s park attendance into record gains over the next couple of years.

As guests are on their journey, they are able to stop at the merchandise shop to purchase products exclusive to the Antarctic theme park that can not be acquired elsewhere.

As families immerse themselves into this chilly paradise filled with one of nature’s most amazing wonders, children can jump aboard their favorite thrill-ride, one of the “coldest theme-park attraction in the World”, perfect to escape from the hot Florida weather, as they encounter penguins along their adventure.

Hungry? No worries, SeaWorld has integrated a upscale dining area to excite your taste buds.

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