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Pleasure Island is now CLOSED.

Whoever said that Disney is just for kids? Whoever said that has obviously not been to Pleasure Island in Downtown Disney. As the sun sets and the shoppers at the Downtown Disney Marketplace make their exit, the streets in Pleasure Island fill up and the clubs start poppin' baby! You have all the variety you need in one place too. There's rock, hip-hop, jazz, comedy, and whatever flavors you can think of. There are live bands playing every night. And don't forget about the fireworks! Every night at Midnight its like New Years Eve. There is an age threshold for the adult fun, though, and its 21 and up.

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Customer Experience

Going to Pleasure Island in Downtown Disney can really be a fun way to spend a night on the town. That's what I think, at least. You got all you could want to do in one spot. The AMC theatres are right there next to P.I. and next to that is Disney Quest. And back behind and around P.I., are the Downtown Disney Marketplace shops. So you can get in your shopping, movie-watchin', restaurant dining, and clubin' all in the same place. I like to start the evening getting at some delicious ribs at The Rainforest Cafe, then I'll catch a movie at the AMC theatres, and I'll end the night at the BET soundstage. And that's what I call a night at Pleasure Island.

Pleasure Island Venue Descriptions:

8 Trax

Watch out! You might catch that Dancing fever if you look at the disco balls for too long. Take a trip back to the 70's here at 8 Trax and reminisce in the days of Saturday Night Fever and great disco music. Music by Donna Summer, the Village People, and the Bee Gees are hard to come by these days but they are featured artists at this exciting nightclub. So be sure to take a stop at 8 Trax one night and experience for yourself why it is one of the biggest hits in Pleasured Island.

Adventurers Club

Become a member of the Adventurer's club as you explore 4 distinct, fun-filled rooms which are titled Main Salon, Mask Room, Treasure Room, and Library which is where the main shows take place. Go through the unique Adventurers Club to be entertained all night long, and prepare to say Kungaloosh many times because that is the name of their specialty drink.

BET Soundstage Club

Based on the music Television channel, BET, be sure to party at this nightclub if you enjoy hip-hop, R&B, reggae, and basically all the music you love to watch on TV. There's no better place than the BET Soundstage. You'll be able to bounce to the latest rap and groove to the newest music on mainstream radio. However, be sure to arrive early because this club is known to fill up early, especially on weekends. This club is a must do club when you come to Pleasure Island.

Mannequins Dance Palace

A revolving dance floor is a unique feature of this famous club. The state of the art light and audio system help set the environment of this dance club. This is the club of choice for those looking to let loose from the “family atmosphere” of what Disney World normally aims for. Strong drinks, loud music, and specials effects like smoke, bubbles, and snow come together to make this nightclub one of the busiest here in Florida. In fact, this club got such rave reviews that it was voted the #1 dance club in the South East. It would be a tragic mistake to not implement Mannequins Dance Palace in at least one of your nights at Pleasure Island.


Club Motion features music from the top 100 in dance. Located in the back of Pleasure Island, this exciting club justifies the saying of saving “the best” for last. Motion is equipped with two floors and a huge screen display so club goers can watch everyone else dance as they rest their tired feet. With two bars and experienced bartenders, your drinks will be flowing just as good as your dance moves from the popular music. Be prepared to wait in line for a minute as this club is a favorite among locals and repeat Disney World visitors.

Customer Experience

The last time I visited Florida I came with a whole bunch of my friends from college. We were looking for a night at clubs so we decided to go to Pleasure Island and it turned out to be awesome. We went to almost all the clubs but the one we liked most was Motions. It caught our eye first because that was the club with the longest line. Inside were two floors and a display screen showing everyone dancing. The bartenders made awesome drinks and every was just having a great time. They were playing the newest music and there were some songs I haven't even heard on the radio until several weeks after I got back home. I recommend it to all club goers visiting Disney. You won't be disappointed!


Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club

There's literally a beach inside this club which steps up the theme and environment. The special thing about this club is the ability of parents to come in with their children, which is more family oriented in comparison to others on the island. A large venue built with two floors, live bands play every night and the music spans from classic hits including the Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera to the latest and most popular. This beach club is very family oriented and could be enjoyed with a couple of drinks in hand. If you want to have a night at Pleasure Island, and don’t want the drop your kids anywhere, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Beach Club is for you.

The Comedy Warehouse

You'll never catch the same show twice at The Comedy Warehouse improv club. The "Who, What and Warehouse" gang will have you slapping your knees and holding back your tears. This attraction is a good shift of gear from the other clubs of Pleasure Island with no loud music or aching feet from dancing. Loaded with musical games, and clever puns, no one ever leaves dissatisfied. If you're in need for a good laugh, look no further. The Comedy Warehouse is where you need to go.



Customer Experience

We ate dinner at Bongo's the other night and it was fantastic.  Authentic Cuban food and atmosphere.  What was really exceptional was the service.  With a group of over 24 people and a restaurant that normally doesn't take reservations for groups, we were taken care of quickly and efficiently.  The arroz (rice) and pollo (chicken) was dead on in flavor.  The flan (a dessert kind of like custard) was not too runny and not too stiff...or like Goldilocks might say "It was JUST right!"  The price for what we ordered was fine and the music really made you feel like you were in Havana.  I highly recommend Bongo's restaurant at Pleasure Island.


April 1, 2013