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What is a Triple Net Lease? 

A triple net lease property is a property in which the tenant is responsible for the real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance in addition to the rent.  

ComDev, LLC assists our clients in locating and acquiring single tenant, triple net leased properties. Triple net leased properties offer investors the opportunity to own commercial real estate investments without the costs and hassle of time intensive property management responsibilities. Single tenant triple net leased properties are considered by most to be less risky than other types of real estate investments. At ComDev, we only recommend “investment grade” companies to help mitigate investor risk. This allows an investor to research the overall health of a company before deciding whether to purchase one of their locations as an investment.  


ComDev LLC also helps our clients with net (N), and double net (NN) lease properties. While we typically recommend single tenant triple net lease properties for our clients, we understand that priorities differ for every investor. Another alternative to a triple net lease is a land lease (or ground lease). A land lease requires the tenant to construct their own building, and allows the owner to simply lease their property to the tenant. These land leases are another powerful, low maintenance investment.  

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