Medeival Times Dinner Show Tickets

Medieval Cast of Knights Medieval Times Dinner Theater, home to one of the Orlando's finest dinner shows, transports you back in time to the early 11th century, when knights, dragons, chivalry and noble families were the order of the day. Come be mesmerized by gallant horse riding knights, fighting for the honor of the king or the heart of a beautiful princess. Enjoy an old style tournament of jousting and swordplay while wenches work dutifully to serve a bountiful four course feast you, our honored guests. Watch the knights battle and compete while you fill your belly with food and action!

To go along with the many renovations to the castle last year (brand new courtyard with covered walkway, 38 ft. video display sign, expanded King's Hall with crafters and musicians, new ticket building with working drawbridge and moat, state-of-the-art kitchen) Medieval Times has released an all-new show! Take a look at the promotion poster to see what the critics are saying about the brand new production.

The journey begins as visitors are greeted by King Alfonso and the Princess Esperanza for the pre-show. All guests receive a colored crown corresponding to area of the arena they will be seated in and the Knight they are cheering for this evening.

The Master of Ceremonies orders the Trumpeters to announce the opening of the Grand Ceremonial Arena and guests proceed to their color-coded seats to begin the feast and festivities. As the Trumpeters sound the entrance of the King Alfonso and his daughter, guests anxiously await at long tables for a glorious feast fit for a royal family. The serfs come in to serve a heaping plate of steaming hot food worthy of the king and all his subjects.

While the feast is being delivered, the legend of the kingdom unfolds in the arena. A tale of treachery and possible kingdom overthrow. The show has all the action, intrigue and pageantry that the guests look forward to. And there's a wonderful twist - the love of a princess for her handsome Knight. And yet even ANOTHER twist - a showdown between a traitorous warrior and a surprise noble defender of the crown.

The competition is fierce as the six brave Knights compete in a colorful tournament for the rights to the princess. You'll cheer on your knight in the flag toss, ring pierce and javelin thrown. All of these games of skill are designed to prepare the knights for the final challenge - the Joust. Full armor is the look of the night as each warrior mounts his magnificent Andalusian horse and they charge at each other wielding 10-foot lances.

As the plot unfolds with it's twists and turns, truth & honor & love triumph over evil and all the kingdom can rejoice. There's even a last second surprise that will bring you to your feet in a final celebration.


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The King's Feast Bill of Fare

Medieval Times Bill of Fare

Enjoy a lavish meal fit for royalty at Medieval Times Orlando. This 4-course feast is served by our highly trained wait staff of wenches and serfs, rolling out your dinner with expert timing. And this feast is served "medieval style". That means there is no silverware. But don't worry, there are napkins galore.

  • King's Feast
    »Garlic Bread
    »Creamy Tomato Bisque Soup
    »Oven-Roasted Chicken
    »Spare Rib
    »Herb-Basted Potato
    »Pastry of the Castle
    »Select Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Vegetarian Meal
    »Warm Pita Bread
    »Carrot and Celery Sticks
    »3 Bean Stew w/ Fire-Roasted Tomato and Brown Rice
    »Fresh Fruit or Italian Ice

Behold the Majestic Horse

Medieval Times Andalusian Stallions & Weaponry

For years, Medieval Times has helped preserve the 1000 year bloodline of their Andalusian horses. Each spring, the staff at the Medieval Times adds several new Andalusian foals to its Orlando castle. The horses are known for their magnificent physique and gentle nature and are bred specifically for use in the seven Medieval Times dinner attractions across North America. These Purebred horses have a rare combination of strength, agility and the ability to follow detailed instructions. This makes them well suited for the mock battle field of the Medieval Times Dinner Theater.

During battle, the Knights of the Medieval Times have many different weapons to choose from with which to cause damage to their opponent. The weapons are as follows:

  • The Lance - typically used in the joust, lances are used by the knights to try and knock an enemy knight from his horse. They are long poles (think pole vaulting pole) and they splinter and explode upon contact.
  • The Mace - a heavy weapon made from a wooden handle with a heave ball-shaped head made of steel. The mace would be used to crush the head or batter the armor of an opponent.
  • The Alabarda - a cross between a spear and a battle-axe. The foot soldiers would use these to keep the enemy at a distance. It is especially deadly because of the design. The extra hook would allow you to pull the weapon backwards to stab if your forward attack had missed its target.
  • The Bola - An awesome weapon. A wood handle connecting a spiked ball at the end of a chain. This allowed it to be used on foot or while riding a horse. Almost impossible to defend it became a whirling death machine if weilded properly.
  • Espada Sword - the short, one-handed sword used while riding horseback
  • Mandoble Sword - the longer and heavier, two-handed sword used on foot
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