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Mauiva in mid air!Few people have the opportunity to explore the vast area of Central Florida while they are in the sunshine state for vacation. So what is a quick way you can see the entirety of the area in a fun and creative way? Well the obvious answer is to learn to fly, however if your looking for a simpler way then Mauiva Tours can help you achieve your goal in a much more practical way. These one hour tours get you up in the air and flying over the area in no time.

These aerial views are something very few people who visit the area will get to boast about when they return home. This unique experience lets you soar high over Kissimmee, Orlando and of course Central Florida’s main attractions, the theme parks. Explore the area in your own private plane; this small jet can make maneuvers that a large aircraft could never accomplish. Flying low is just one of the many ways you can get fantastic photos of the area!

One of the great attractions to this fantastic flight service is that you have the opportunity to actually fly the plane! With experienced pilots and specially designed aircraft you can take to the driver’s seat and fly the plane for yourself, something you won’t find anywhere else!

Be sure to check the times for special flights as they will be appearing for specific events. One of the most common is the fireworks package, where you get to tour the area at 8:30pm at night, around 9:00pm the theme parks will release their fireworks, something you get to see from the air!

Because Central Florida is the number one destination for vacations you should check well in advance for open dates. Times for flights range from 7:30am to 12:30pm, and take about an hour. The maximum load on these planes is three people, and weight is distributed according to the pilot’s preferences. You must purchase tickets twenty four hours in advance, and there is a twenty dollar deposit for each ticket.

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May 1, 2013