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Disney's Magic Kingdom

Main Street USA | Fantasyland | Liberty Square | Frontierland | Adventureland | Tomorrowland

Famous statue at the entrance of TomorrowlandTomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom is Walt Disney's vision of the future. Inspired by the science fiction writers of the 1920's and 30's, Tomorrowland has the look of "the future that never was." In this Magic Kingdom land, endless adventures await just around the corner. One of Disney's most famous rides can be found in this land, the ride everyone has to ride: Space Mountain. Tomorrowland is Disney's vision of future theme parks. To enter into this land, is like being transported to a time that only H.G. Wells could of imagined. But don't be fooled, although Tomorrowland may seem a world apart, it is located right here in sunny Orlando, Florida.

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World Famous ride Space MountainSpace Mountain: This ride is one of the main reasons why so many come to the Magic Kingdom. Space Mountain is a space age roller coaster that is done in the dark! Even when you wait in line for this ride you will feel like you on a real space walk. Once you board the ride you will be blasted off into space. Astronaut or not you will experience the ups and downs of a light speed space mission. The thrills that cannot be seen around the corner will keep you guessing and coming back for more! After your mission you will be transported back to the station safe and sound.

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin: “To infinity and beyond” those are the only words to describe what this ride has to offer. Each car is equipped with a ray gun; you get to shoot the evil Z’s! Each one you shoot is worth points. If you hit the bull’s eye you get the most points. The best part of this ride is that the rider has control over the car they are in. you can spin the car around as you wish. This enables you to terminate all the villains you see. Blast away alien scum as you strive to rack up the most points and save the Universe!

Stitch's Great Escape: A new swing on an old ride. Remember the “Alien Encounter”? Well this is an updated and renovated version of that ride. Stitch’s Great Escape is a much more exhilarating than the Alien Encounter ever was. Step on board and you will be hired as a space criminal transporter. Then you realize that there is a very dangerous criminal onboard. So it will take the whole crew to handle the extremely dangerous fugitive. Are you ready to protect space from the evil? If you are than you’re ready for Stitch’s Great Escape!

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Astro Orbiter: This ride literally takes you to new heights. Board one of the rocket ships and soar far above Tomorrowland. You can see all of Magic Kingdom from this vantage point. On this ride you can control how high, and how low you want to go. Not the most intense but a big hit for the young ones. The Astro Orbiter is located in between Stitch’s Great Escape, and Buzz Lightyear’s.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority EntranceTomorrowland Transit Authority: Tired of Walking? Then take a ride on the Transit Authority. See Tomorrowland from a different view, an aerial view, and go behind the scenes at the most popular attractions, like Space Mountain, Stitch's Great Escape, and Buzz Lightyear's. This is a pollution free ride that runs on magnets. Ride without the guilt of destroying the earth. That is the vision for a brighter and greener tomorrow.

Tomorrowland Indy Speedway: Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!!!! Lap after lap your heart will be racing. Zip around the turns and zoom by your friends and beat them to the finish line! If there is this much excitement you know you’re at the Tomorrow land Speedway!

Carousel of Progress: This is a blend of education and entertainment. This 22 minute ride takes you on a journey through time. Watch as history of our technology unfolds before you very own eyes. This ride will give an advanced look at how electricity has shaped not only our country but our world. Once you exit the ride you will have a new look on all of the technology that we use everyday!

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Merchant of Venus StoreMerchant of Venus: This space age store offers lots of Tomorrow Land accessories and merchandise. This is the place to find all of your Tomorrow Land hats, pins, t-shirts, and stickers and such.

Mickey’s Star Traders: This is a half way point for goods that are on there way to the intergalactic stars. Goods that come from Jupiter and Mars are transferred here, and you are able buy some of these goods before they're blasted off to the stars! Find products like space candy, film, and many other fine goods.

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Starlight CafeLunching Pad: Are you hungry for some food from the future? This is the place to be. Enjoy a turkey leg fresh from the grill. Maybe you are interested in some fresh French fries or a burger. This is a great place to grab a quick bite.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café: This place is renowned as the most popular restaurant in Disney. Here you can not only get a great meal but you also get some great entertainment. Sometimes a live band will be playing and the stage will lower into the ground to give the appearance that the band is disappearing. So if your adventures take you to Tomorrowland, this the place to eat.

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Main Street USA | Fantasyland | Liberty Square | Frontierland | Adventureland | Tomorrowland

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