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Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little MermaidWith the addition of New Fantasyland the biggest attraction opened to date is Journey of the Little Mermaid, an Under the Sea adventure into the world of Ariel. Here you and your kids can find their favorite characters from the Disney classic The Little Mermaid. In fact, we guarantee you will be blown away as soon as you enter the waiting queue. After passing through beautiful waterfalls you can explore Arielís hidden grotto where she keeps all her items from the surface above. A recent storm as blown her items everywhere; and the crabs are trying their hardest to put it all back together. In the next room you can find Scuttle, the comical seagull that knows everything there is to know about humans. Finally, when youíre done exploring head on through to Prince Ericís castle and board a colorful clam shell that will cart you through the ride. Because of the nature of the attraction the line moves quick and you will be on board in no time at all.

Journey of the Little Mermaid takes you through key scenes in the classic tale of The Little Mermaid, bringing your favorite characters to life through special effects and animatronics. Relive the memorable scenes from the movie and sing along to everyoneís favorite tune, Under the Sea! With a bit of Disney Magic you can find Sebastian conducting a full orchestra of fish, dancing and swimming around the depths of the sea to the tune. With a surprise around every corner this fantastic ride does an excellent job of retelling this fairytale in a fun and exciting way.

Under the Sea you will see the tale of The Little Mermaid told from start to finish. From Arielís transformation to the fated kiss between her and Prince Eric and her desires to be on land that lead her to make a dangerous agreement in the eel infested lair of the dreaded Ursula. The sea witch looms a massive eight feet tall over your clam as you ride past her inside her dark cave. Through animatronics she comes to life as she laughs maniacally at her plot to own the seven seas. This ride explores all of the most heartwarming scenes from the classic tale, including the rowboat scene under the reads and the final wedding between Prince Eric and Ariel after they narrowly escape the twisted Ursula.

This attraction is great for kids of all ages, and a must for anyone who is a fan of the Disney classic The Little Mermaid. Relive the tale of Ariel that will leave you singing "Under the Sea" for the rest of your visit to the theme park.

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