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Splash Mountain

Frontierland | Disney's Magic Kingdom

Splash MountainSplash Mountain starts off as any other log flume water ride would, as you make your way through a cave like structure you will see many characters and talking figures throughout the ride as you ride through listening to country music with a distinct twist. You exit the cave and come out into the open air down a track and around a turn where youíll see figures that emerge from the water. This look gives the water a relatively shallow look which adds to the entire feel of the ride. As you make your way around a turn youíll see a steep waterfall drop and another log fume ride plummeting down.

At this point most passengers infer that they will be going down the same drop before the ride ends. As the turn ends you make your way to a lift hill, before you even get up another log will drop down the waterfall directly parallel to you. The lift hill is simply a dark cave with one source of light at the top, once you make it to the top you make your first drop, which some people donít even consider a drop- actually most people donít even get wet or feel it! You begin to make your way around a circle where youíll see more characters and decorations that depict the country living lifestyle such as clothes hanging to dry.

At this point of the ride you make your way through various turns with the same setting, at one point in the ride you make another drop, though not as big as the largest of the ride its bigger than the last drop and packs a much larger splash. After that drop you make your way into a dark tunnel where youíre surrounded by music and more decorations. Aside from the dark tunnels the decorations are moving and dimly lit to where you travel through this dark tunnel for a majority of the ride as characters dance and sing give you an overall calm and relaxing feeling until the tunnel comes to and end and you see the white lite at the end signifying only one thing- the large 50 foot drop is near and you as well as everyone sitting besides you will come face to face with it. After that major part of the ride you will be taken into another tunnel and you will get to go through another tunnel with dancing characters and more.

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May 1, 2013