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Snow White’s Scary Adventure

Fantasyland | Disney's Magic Kingdom

Snow White and the Evil Queen When the sun is highest in the sky here in Florida it can get almost unbearable, especially if you have little ones all dressed up in their Disney Character clothing. Well that’s why Disney World has a wide variety of rides that are indoor, out of the sun and best of all; air conditioned. One of those rides just happens to be Snow White’s Scary Adventure, a fun experience that lets you step into the world of the infamous Disney Movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

This constantly moving ride is a common feature found in the Magic Kingdom theme park. Carts or wagons move along a track that forces riders to get on quick and get off quick. This means even though the line may look long, the pace to get on the ride will be steady, and compared to other rides in the park, it will always be faster. As you enter the ride you will sit down in your log wagon and be ushered into the forest where our favorite princess can be found in her home in the woods.

You can see Snow White and the Seven Dwarves as they go about their day, singing and dancing. But then our story takes a twisted turn when you meet the insidious Evil Queen as she talks to the mirror on the wall. Of course her question is “Who is the fairest one of all?” and when she hears that the little and humble Snow White is, she goes into an outrage, and her evil scheme comes to life in these dark woods. With your cart spiraling down the track into a forest filled with ugly faced trees and shrieking owls the plot sickens as you see the Evil Queen making her way to Snow White. Will the Seven Dwarves have what it takes to defeat the queen before she can follow through with her evil plans?

In 1983 the Fantasyland rides experienced serious renovation. The length of this ride significantly increased, as well as the introduction of Snow White. The original ride featured the young princess, but her face was never shown. Now she is brought to life animatronically in this fun filled adventure for all ages!

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May 1, 2013