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Peter Panís Flight

Fantasyland | Disney's Magic Kingdom

Adventureland Jungle rideOne of the oldest and most unique of the Disney stories is about three young children and their adventure that takes place over one night. What makes this story different than all the others? Well the funny and courageous flying boy, Peter Pan. This strange and magical tale leads our favorite characters to Never Land where their story begins, a daring mission to stop the Captain Hook and his pirate crew from taking the island for themselves. Inside this large ride you will be ushered onto a flying galleon, where you begin your journey by flying over London.

High above the city you can see the shadow cast shapes of the three kids and Peter Pan as they begin their flight towards Never Land. When you arrive in Never Land you will find the Lost Boys enjoying their daily life on the island, but as events unfold your cast into the midst of the plot and Peter Pan begins his daring mission to save everyone. From mermaids to costumed kids, flying boys, red Indians and huge alligators you will find your favorite characters around every corner.

Here at Never Land no one ever grows old, and when you soar high in this adventure neither do you! Resort to your childhood nature and cheer on Peter Pan as he engages the clumsy Captain Hook on top of his 48 foot massive ship. This dangerous battle is fought hand to hand and only your participants can ensure Peter Panís victory! Rescue the Lost Boys tied to the mast and laugh at Mr. Smeeís comedy gags in this fun filled adventure into the Imagineers world of Peter Pan!

This hanging ride suspends you from the ceiling, giving you the feeling and experience of flying the entire way. Unlike many of the other rides Peter Panís Flight is a slow moving joy ride through scene after scene from the movie. Expect a relaxing and air conditioned adventure into this wild and exiting world of Never Land.

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May 1, 2013