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Haunted Mansion

Liberty Square | Disney's Magic Kingdom

Adventureland Jungle rideYou’re in room and instead of the average 4 walls around you, there’s eight and if that’s not weird enough you’ll notice the pictures start to move and grow longer and longer even though the floor and ceiling aren't moving and stay intact, and as they stretch different images emerge which is what always seem to bedazzle the many guests that enter the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom.

After exiting the octagon shaped room you will enter a dark hallway to where you will be introduced to your “doom buggy”. As scenes unfold around you, the synchronized speakers in your “doom buggy” expel the voice of your ghost host explaining what’s going on as you glide silently through the library, conservatory, hallways, ballroom, attic and even graveyards. Visitor’s most favorite part of this adventure is the ballroom where they see holograms of people dancing!

Adventureland Jungle rideOne of the most memorable parts of the ride is when a disembodied head is projected from a crystal ball the face belongs to the late Leota Thomas, and the voice that of Eleanor Audley who has done voice overs for some of Disney’s most classic movies.

Your doom buggy turns sideways, and you pass in front of a mirror. This is where some people scream or some people laugh hysterically when a hitch hiking ghost appears in your buggy, sometimes even on your lap! Overall this ride is a great experiences for all types of riders so don’t hesitate to jump on this spooktacular attraction!

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May 1, 2013