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Enchanted Tales with BelleThe world of the Beauty and the Beast comes to life in this amazing retelling of the Disney classic. Enter Mauriceís cottage where you will be greeted by her love for books and adventure. Inside her cozy little home you will see a portrait of Belle and her mother before being escorted into the small shop of her father. After a brief introduction a large mirror on the wall bursts to life with color and magic, after a few thunderous bursts the mirror vanishes revealing the secret entrance to the Beastís mansion. After being escorted through you will find yourself in the lobby of the Beastís Library; where you will meet the first of the magical characters from this tale.

Inside the lobby you will be greeted by The Wardrobe, who informs you of the nightís big surprise. Belle will be attending a big dinner with the Beast, which she is expecting. But, what she isnít expecting is a retelling of her magical Disney story that the members of the castle are trying to throw together at the last moment before her big night. She wants you to help her bring the story of The Beauty and the Beast to life to remind her of their magical tale just before her big dinner. The Wardrobe picks several guests from the group to play the Beast, knights in shining armor, the horses, Mrs. Potts, Chip Potts and many other characters. When she is all done you are ushered through to library where everyone is seated and the stars are set in their places.

When the lights dim down you are greeted by everyoneís favorite candelabra, Lumiere. With his three candles he lights up the room and gives everyone instructions before dimming his candles. Then when Belle enters the room the group surprises her and the show begins. With Belle as the main star you and the selected guests retell the Disney classic by acting out the scenes together. Before the show ends Belle takes a brief moment to pose with each character and take a photo before giving them a small gift. Then she is whisked away to her dinner with the Beast.

If youíre a fan of the Beauty and the Beast this is a must. If youíre not a fan of interactive experiences then this attraction may not be for you. There are plenty of opportunities to participate and kids will love their time with Belle. The total time of the experience is roughly ten minutes, so the line moves at a slow pace. Be sure to visit early in the morning or late in the day for the quickest experience.

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