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Dumbo the Flying Elephant

New Fantasyland | Disney's Magic Kingdom

Flying Dumbo Adventure!This great ride has been around since the parks original opening, and has become a Magic Kingdom Classic. With the recent Disney renovations this ride has a received a complete make over, and has been restored to its original glory. Guests of all ages will enjoy this incredible ride as you get the opportunity to fly high inside one of Disney’s oldest of characters, the ever popular Dumbo. This funny elephant learned how to fly using his massive ears on the big screen, and even won an academy Award for best musical score in a motion picture in 1941! This great experience resembles a carnival ride and lets you fly just like Dumbo in the movie!

This attraction lets you hop inside one of sixteen uniquely detailed versions of Dumbo, each its very own gondola ready for you and one other passenger. Located in the center of your gondola is a small lever, so you can control just how high you go as you spiral around the New Fantasyland theme park. Take flight with Dumbo as he discovers his amazing ability to fly in this one of a kind adventure! This ride is the perfect way to get an aerial view of the Storybook Circus, and in the future, will rise high above the new Snow White ride in New Fantasyland.

With the New Fantasyland renovation at the Magic Kingdom, you enter this ride through a massive circus tent. Inside you can either choose to ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant experience, or take your child into an awesome, air conditioned indoor playground. Rising three stories high with Dumbo flying around the ceiling this jungle gym of circus acts is a great way for you to relax while the kids let some energy out. When you're done you can hop right on the ride or exit the back.

You can find this great ride by following the happy circus music, out front you can find Dumbo’s friends playing the great music! Whether you’re a fan of the 1941 classic Disney animated motion picture or just want to fly this ride is great for kids and adults of all ages!

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May 1, 2013