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Pirates of the Caribbean

Adventureland | Disney's Magic Kingdom

Adventureland Jungle rideAlthough this attraction first inspired the popular movies, the movies have now inspired the original attraction to become better than ever, with the addition of Captain Jack Sparrow.

The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is located in Adventureland, to the left of Main Street USA, at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. With the popularity of the movies also comes popularity in the attraction. This results in longer lines. Even with the quick loading boats full of 30 people, with the ever so popular Captain Jack Sparrow in the attraction, be ready for a wait.

After walking through the underground cavern and loading into a boat you will float through a cave that bring you to and surprising dark plunge. Between cannon shots and a trip through the city this ten minute attraction is great for all ages. 

Be sure to stop by this magical attraction and take yourself from watching the movie, into being a part of the scenes. As you sing along with the familiar tune of “Yo ho, Yo ho, a pirates life for me,” you will realize the movies have only made this attraction a more wond”ARRR”ful experience.

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May 1, 2013