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Main Street USA | Fantasyland | Liberty Square | Frontierland | Adventureland | Tomorrowland

The center of Main Street USA"Main Street USA is the first area you see as you're walking into the Magic Kingdom and the last thing you see too because there is only one entrance/ exit. Modeled after a typical New England town at the turn of the century, Main Street USA captures the innocence of a time before any world war; a time when America was pioneering its way through with such inventions as the light bulb and the steam-powered engine; a care-free time. That is the feeling that Walt Disney himself wanted to convey to the guest that walking through this area. On Main Street USA there are several shops and stores to browse over. You can find all sorts of things to do here and many hidden treasures lie with in you reach. Main Street U.S.A is the location of the famous parades such as: Mickey Mania and Spectromagic. The streets come alive when the parades are on there course. There is music and dancing, lights, and all kinds of Disney magic. When the parades are over there are many things to do on Main Street U.S.A. If you didn’t get a chance to explore Main Street when you first arrived, The shops stay open a half an hour longer than the rest of the park. On Main Street U.S.A. you can shop, dine, or just absorb all the magic that Disney has to offer.

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Customer Experience

I remember my first time walking through the gates of the Magic Kingdom. There was a distinct smell in the air; something like "mom's apple pie." I walked up what is called "Main Street" with my family and enjoyed all the friendly performers and vendors in the street. There was this one guy in white pants and a pin striped shirt who was holding what looked like a hundred balloons in his hand. If a strong gust of wind blew by he probably would've flown to the castle. I helped lessen his danger by buying a balloon for my little one. There were also other guys who had carts full of cotton candy who'd spin you off a little piece.

It was getting a little warm outside so we made a pit stop in the Main Street Bakery. This was a big mistake for a sweet-tooth such as myself. They had all manner of delectable sweets inside; chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, cinnamon-swirl cheesecakes, strawberry and cream filled Danishes, Boston-cream doughnuts, and (my all-time favorite) caramel-covered candy apples. Everyone had to something so, we got our sweets to go and I was ready to have some fun with my candy apple in hand.

The last stop we made on Main Street was at Casey's Corner. We came inside and all the workers had on baseball suits and they had "The old-ball-game" music on. It was just like being at a baseball game minus an actual baseball game. The main dish at this food stand are the hot-dogs. You can get a big foot-long one or just a short beefy one and put all manner of toppings on it. The signature topping would have to be sour kraut. I couldn't remember the last time I had some sour kraut on a hot dog. I made a mental note not to get stuffed at dinner so I could grab one on the way out. Main street is definitely a great start and ending to a day in the Magic Kingdom.

Panoramic View of Main Street

Train Station at Mainstreet USAWalt Disney World Railroad Station: It is here that you can catch a ride on the steam-powered locomotive engines that will take you on an "all-the-way around trip" of the Magic Kingdom Park. There's one engine named "Walt" and another called "Roy."

Casey's Corner: Food stand where guests can have some all-time American favorites; hotdogs and fries. Top them with a variety of toppings including fan favorite: sour kraut.

Exposition Hall: Disney Exposition Hall is a one stop shop for all of your photographic needs. Here at the Exposition Hall you can also pick the photos taken by the photographers with in the park. You can take pictures with cut out posters of the Disney characters. Be on the look out for real life characters because that would be a perfect photo opportunity!

The Barber Shop: On the north end of town square sits a cozy little barber shop simply called The Barber Shop. The barber shop is a wonderful place for adults and children to get a quick trim or an old fashion shave. All of this can be done at a reasonable price.

Ciy Hall at Mainstreet USAMain Street Bookstore: Here you can browse though a large selection of old Disney classics. And brush up on your favorite’s right here in Disney. Whether it’s Shakespeare you’re into or you just like a quick read they have it all at the Disney Corner Bookstore.

Disney’s Clothiers: This is the Magic Kingdoms largest gift shop. Here you can buy an array of memorabilia that best fits your style and your budget. The building is most recognized by the color and location. The building is a creamy yellow building located on the left of the street going towards the castle. This building also includes the Emporium.

The Emporium: This is "the" shop at the Magic Kingdom park. If you can't find those Dumbo cufflinks you've always wanted anywhere else in the park, this is the spot where they would show up.

Athletic Club: Located next to the Clothiers this is a unique sports fan palace. You can buy from a selection of different sports memorabilia. The selection ranges form Disney sports gear other very popular team gear. You can also get your photo takes inside of a sports frame.

Crystal Arts: this is a glassware shop that displays some of the most magnificent pieces of glass in America. You can buy crystal birds or a glass Mickey. Either way there is something for the eye and something for the heart.

Shadow Box: We live in an age where crystal-clear is just not clear enough, wit all the high definition and mega pixels that are being produced. There is still one place that understands the simplicity of a good old black and white picture. This place is shadow box right next to the Crystal Palace.

City Hall: This is where problems get solved. City hall is where Disney’s guest services is located. If you have any trouble with your tickets or maybe you lost an item in the park they will be able to assist you. City Hall is the base of the magic and a lifesaver in most cases. If you lose your tickets you can take a photo copy of them to City Hall and they will replace them.

Ciy Hall at Mainstreet USAMarket House: This is a turn of the century style store that offers several old time goods such as hand rolled pretzel and pickles. You can also find exotic teas and sun dried fruits that are hard to find any where else. There is also a brass band that plays out front of the store.

Uptown Jewelers: At this snazzy one-of-a-kind place you can find select hand crafted pieces of jewelry ranging from $3000 to $5 and each piece is a special one. Pay attention to the extreme detail to the building, this is something to marvel at.

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Customer Experience

I had this vacation planned down to the T. I got the flight 3 months in advance, I got the hotel 6 months in advance, and I had all my tickets pre-purchased at Billy Boy's before we arrived in Orlando. I even timed every leg of our trip to the best of my knowledge. We went to the Magic Kingdom and rode all of the best rides first. We went on Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and then Space Mountain. As my son and I went to use the fast pass machine for Space Mtn., I reached into my pocket to take out our tickets and……they were gone! They must have flown out of my pocket on Splash Mountain! I was not expecting this to happen. Luckily, we got a copy of our tickets when we went to pick them up at Billy Boy's. We took our copy to the City Hall in Main Street USA and they gave us new tickets with our remaining days on them. That saved our vacation from ruins. I’m glad I bought from Billy Boy's.

A unique picture of Main Street USAWhatever you’re into be sure not to overlook Main Street USA at the front of Magic Kingdom. Most people zip right pass Main Street USA and don’t even get a chance to witness this wondrous place. With so much to do and see within the Magic Kingdom, one might wonder how where to find the time to visit Main Street USA. Well, most of the stores are open a half of an hour later than the Magic Kingdom Park itself. With all this in mind it’s wise to put together an itinerary of your trip. And when you do build you itinerary, be sure to include a visit to Main Street USA.

Main Street USA | Fantasyland | Liberty Square | Frontierland | Adventureland | Tomorrowland

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