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Hall of Presidents

Liberty Square | Disney's Magic Kingdom

The Hall of Presidents

Newly renovated to reflect the recent changes in the American Presidency, the Hall of Presidents is a historical view at the importance of our nationís constitution and other American milestones. This twenty minute show is big on patriotism and narrated by Morgan Freeman.

This attraction includes all of the American presidents. With realistic gestures, the roll call of the presidents includes, head nods, squirming, and even whispers. The clothing for each of the presidents is authentic for their eras, including Franklin D. Rooseveltís leg braces.

With 700 seats for guests the line for this attraction disappears quickly. Although this attraction may not be the most entertaining for children, the indoor air-conditioned theatre is a great get away from the central Florida summer heat. Guests may also remain in wheelchairs to enjoy this attraction.

Whether you are a history major, a government class on a fieldtrip, or just a tourist taking a break from all the long lines and sunshine, the Hall of Presidents is an educational experience you donít want to miss out on. Check out this patriotic attraction in Liberty Square at Walt Disney Worldís Magic Kingdom.

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May 1, 2013