Fantasyland in Magic KingdomAs the newest addition to the Magic Kingdom theme park New Fantasyland brings you a whole new set of rides, restaurants, character meet and greets, attractions and more! New Fantasyland brings back to life some of Disney's most classic tales. Join Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, the dwarves from Snow White and more in this immersive new expansion. Expand your dining experience with new options and explore a whole new section of the Magic Kingdom, if you haven't visited since December, 2012, there so much more to see and do!

Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland renovation is the largest expansion in the history of the park. Many of the attractions are already available for visiting guests, but many are still yet to come. The New facelift to the theme park was unveiled early December, 2012, but additions are still scheduled to become available through the year 2014. Be sure to check back to our website for updates as Disney cuts the red tape for individual rides and attractions.

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Rides and Attractions

Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid at the Magic Kingdom theme park!Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid: As one of the largest additions to the New Fantasyland are Journey of the Little Mermaid has quickly become a fan favorite. As soon as you step into line you will be exploring the world of Ariel as you pass through some key locations from the movie and meet some of the characters from this Disney classic. Explore Ariel's secret hiding spot for all things human and even see crabs moving her things about. Pass through beautiful waterfalls and underground caves before you come upon Scuttle, everyone's favorite comical seagull as he demonstrates the uses of the items in Ariel's collection. Finally enter Prince Eric's castle through a set of caves where you will be escorted to a colorful clamshell. Because of the nature of the ride you can expect the line to be in constant motion.

The entrence to Journey of the Little Mermaid at the Magic Kingdom theme park!This great ride takes you Under the Sea where you will come face to face with all your favorite characters from the classic tale of The Little Mermaid. Relive the most magical of the films moments as you explore those memorable songs through dancing and special effects. The sea comes to life through animatronics, dancing fish and a bit of Disney magic as you glide past Sebastian conducting a full orchestra of the sea's most lively fish. This awesome ride is filled with a surprise around every corner as your clamshell passes through room after room retelling the story in a fairytale way.

Under the Sea with the Little MermaidJourney of The Little Mermaid retells the story of Ariel from start to finish. Explore her desires to be on land, her first meeting with Prince Eric and her dangerous agreement inside the eel infested lair of Ursula. This massive sea witch looms over your clams as she schemes at a towering seven and a half feet tall! With the help of animatronics these hand draw animations and characters come alive to depict the most heart moving scenes from the Disney classic. From the intimate gazes on board a rowboat to the fairytale wedding join Ariel and Prince Eric as the narrowly escape the clutches of Ursula and live happily ever after.

Enchanted Tales With Belle Live!Enchanted Tales with Belle: Everyone's favorite Disney story comes to life in this 'enchanted' tale. Enter Maurice's cottage where you await to be greeted by the magical characters from the film. In line for the experience you get to see the inside of Belle's home from the film, complete with a painting of her mother and a collection of her books. Once the doors open you will be escorted into a small workshop with a large mirror on the wall. After a brief explanation the mirror comes to life through the power of magic, as you stare at the colorful frame it becomes a door, and walking through it you find yourself inside the Beast's library.

Maurice's Cottage at Enchanted Tales with BelleJust before entering Beast's library there is a small waiting room where you will be greeted by The Wardrobe. She explains to the group that Belle's big dinner is tonight, and to remind her of the love her and the Beast share she wants to retell the story of how they met. To do so, she will need the help of a few guests from the group, and will select willing volunteers. Will you play the part of the Beast, the horses, knights in shining armor, Mrs. Potts, Chip Potts or other characters? After all the characters have been chosen and instructed on the parts they will play in the retelling of the story, you will be ushered inside where you are greeted by yet another one of the tale's great characters, Lumière.

Lumière will seat you all, get the characters in place and then call Belle in for the surprise. Now it is time for each guest to play their part in the presentation, and bring the story of the Beauty and the Beast back to life before Belle is rushed off to her big dinner. This is a great opportunity for your children to interact with Belle in a live performance. After the show each participant gets a souvenir and a photo with Belle. The total time for this experience is roughly ten minutes.

Ariel's Grotto at the New Fantasyland Expansion!Ariel's Grotto: A popular source of entertainment at the Disney theme parks is to search out all your favorite Disney characters and get their autograph. Throughout the day many of the characters visit select locations of the theme park for meet and greet sessions with guests. Check your park guide upon entry for times and information. But when it comes to meeting Ariel there is no waiting or searching for the theme park, in fact you can find her all day inside her Grotto at the back of New Fantasyland.

This experience is just a short wait for a chance to spend a minute with everyone's favorite mermaid. Ariel will spend time with your child, ask them questions and more before taking a photo with the kids. A professional Disney photographer will snap the shot and hand you a card that can later be used to retrieve your photo. The shorter the line at this attraction the more time you will have to spend with Ariel, so be sure to time it right. If you're a fan of The Little Mermaid and want to get an up close encounter with the star, there is no better opportunity.

Magic Kingdom's Barnestormer Roller Coaster!The Barnstormer: This great ride may not be new, but with the construction of New Fantasyland it certainly looks new. Located in the Storybook Circus this ride lets you join Goofy and friends in their pursuit of the aviation arts! But you wouldn't expect Goofy to stop there, his comical act is being taken to new heights as he joins a long line of professional daredevils! This fun roller coaster lets you join Goofy in his quest to be the best as you fly by some of his most recent attempts at setting records!

Enter Snoopy's giant red hangar, passing his earlier attempts at flight along the way. Pay no attention to the crashed rockets or plane wings protruding from the ground to either side of the queue line. Once you get up to the ride you hop aboard Goofy's very own biplane in preparation for your big flight. Ascend to the top of Goofy's observation tower before plummeting through the hole oddly shaped like Goofy's plane, complete with an outline of Goofy himself. With sharp twists and turns this short flight sends you soaring by trees, wrapping around a nearby bill board with a narrow miss before landing safely back in the large red barn.

This short roller coaster does require children to be over the height of 35 inches. It is however, a great ride for kids of all ages.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant at New Fantasyland in the Magic KingdomDumbo the Flying Elephant: Everyone enjoys a good carnival ride, and here at the Storybook Circus in Magic Kingdom's New Fantasyland you can enjoy some of the best ones around. But the ride that sticks out above the rest is Dumbo the Flying Elephant. This classical carnival ride brings everyone's favorite little elephant to life. Just as Dumbo soared through the air in the movie you too can explore new heights by your own hand.

You cant miss Dumbo the Flying Elephant, as soon as you pass under the massive Storybook Circus you will hear the jovial band organ as it plays traditional carnival music. Take a gander to the right of the entrance and you will see these two massive adventuresome spinning gondolas. Enter the massive circus tent and pass through the new air conditioned playground. Inside you will find Dumbo flying high above a jungle gym of slides, climbing nets, rope bridges and more, Dumbo the Flying Elephantcomplete with a relaxing waiting area that gives you a full view of your playing children. When you're done on the playground head on through to the main attraction!

These spinning gondolas are on long arms that can be lifted high above the park. What sets these gondolas aside from what you would regularly find at a carnival is that you can control the elevation of your cart as you fly along. Shaped like Dumbo himself you will feel like you are riding on his back as you ascend and descend over Storybook Circus. From the highest point you can get a fantastic view of the entire theme park, especially New Fantasyland.

Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station in New FantasylandCasey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station: Florida isn't called the Sunshine State for no reason! On a hot summer day the temperatures here can get high, and when it comes to helping the kids cool off there is no better place to go than the Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station. Here your kids can enjoy a refreshing water park filled with all the comical characters from the Storybook Circus.

Circus animals such as monkeys, camels, elephants and more will unexpectedly spray water at you from high and low. With water fountains abound and a splash pad at every corner Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station is your one stop shop for fending off the Florida heat.

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Restaurants and Dining

The Be Our Guest Dining Hall in New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom theme park!Be Our Guest Restaurant: With all the new additions to the theme park one of the biggest attractions going into New Fantasyland is actually a dining selection located at the back of the theme park. Right next to Enchanted Tales with Belle you will see a massive bridge striding over crystal clear water into the side of a huge a mountain. At the top of this mountain you will see the Beast's massive mansion, its even lighted at night! You cant miss the entrance, a huge destroyed archway with the Beast's family crest will guide you through to Magic Kingdom's biggest restaurant addition. Unlike some of the other restaurants at the theme park the Be Our Guest Restaurant can seat over five hundred guests, so the wait time is always short.

The entrence to the Be Our Guest Restaurant!As soon as you enter the restaurant at the foot of the Beast's Castle you will be taken to one of the three separate dining halls, or dining experiences. After a long day at the theme park you can pull a chair up to Belle's book-filled Library, the Grand Ballroom that stands two stories high, or the mysterious West Wing. When it comes to immersing yourself in the tale of Beauty and the Beast there is no better place than these floor to ceiling arched window rooms. With sweeping murals, Gothic arches and snowy details on the windows Disney has put every ounce of the Imagineers effort into bringing you a meal fit for the Beast's guests. From the intricate mosaics telling the tale of Belle to the enchanted rose in the West Wing, you will be pausing ever few moments of your meal to admire the awesome dining area that Disney has prepared just for you!

But the decor isn't the only magical thing about this restaurant. When it comes to ordering your touch screen terminal menu will appear so you can customize your meal! Even though ordering your meal is quick and easy, and arrives magically on your table, the service here at Be Our Guest has only one rule, that you dine like royalty. With china and flatware here in the Beast's Castle there is nothing but fine dining and fine cuisine for all ages!

The food here at Be Our Guests ranges from salads to sandwiches, in fact there isn't a sandwich you cant find you cant find here. Enjoy a grilled steak sandwich, pork sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, turkey baguette and the restaurants signature béchamel-smothered croque-monsieur sandwich. Be Our Guest also features a children's menu and salads.

When it comes to Dinner at Be Our Guest the Beast has prepared a "formal" dinner for you, friends and family. You begin your fantastic evening with a fairytale feast of meats on a platter, mussels steamed in the finest white wine and a champagne vinaigrette salad or French soup. Choose your main course of pork rack chop, scallops, shrimp, puff pastry, baked ratatouille or rotisserie rock hen, these are just the fan favorites! The little princess and princesses can choose from the children's menu which includes chicken breast, steak and even the fish of the day! Be sure to try the awesomely enchanting finale, a dessert of strawberry cream cheese or a mesmerizing triple chocolate cupcake, even have cream puffs in chocolate creak or a tasteful passion fruit!

Gaston's Tavern at the Magic Kingdom theme park!Gaston's Tavern: When it comes comes to everyone's favorite guy he can be found here at Gaston's Tavern! If you're looking for a quick bite to eat with a short wait than you have come to the right place! Here you can enjoy a quite corner of the Enchanted Forest where only the manliest of men come to eat. With a main course meal of roasted pork on a shank there is nothing easier or more tasty in all of New Fantasyland.

But aside from the signature Pork Shank Gaston's Tavern brings some of the finest Brew in the land to your table. This frozen apple juice has a hint of toasted marshmallow that will have you coming back again and again. The drink is named after Gaston's right hand man and is topped off with a passion fruit mango foam making it look just like the brew from the film. Best of all you can get this great drink in the mug of your choice, a large wooden ale cup with a posing Gaston on the side, or a golden goblet with Belle. Add a side of hummus and chips and you have yourself a finger licking meal. A statue of Gaston at the New Fantasyland expansion!Finally when you have finished your fine meal order yourself a cinnamon roll, these finger foods are the size of your head and could feed a whole family contently.

For those seeking a more health conscious meal Gaston's Tavern offers sliced apples with caramel as well as a mixed fruit cup and a mixed vegetable cup with dip. The restaurant has a wide selection of drinks ranging from soda to hot tea to apple juice and bottled water. Be sure to take the photo opportunity and sit in Gaston's chair from the film. This tavern is easily found behind the exaggerated statue of Gaston himself in the center of the Enchanted Forest just past the Be Our Guest restaurant.

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