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Donald's Boat

Mickey's ToonTown Fair | Disney's Magic Kingdom

The Barnstormer at Goofy’s WiseacrePre-schoolers from all over the world have always been impressed by one thing in Mickey’s Toontown fair in the Magic Kingdom park, that one thing has always been Donald's Boat. The water themed play area has its own way of providing a safe and fun environment for the little kids who seem to enjoy it so much.

The play area encourages little ones to climb aboard the large ship named the S.S. Miss Daisy, and just try to keep fun – which is actually very difficult when you fill the ship with tons of devices that are made to promote kid-sized nautical fun! With tons of activities and small objects there are endless possibilities to what you can do such as spin the Captain's wheel, pull the ship's whistle to trigger the water spouts on deck, clang the ship's bell, and many many more.

Visitors on the S.S. Miss Daisy are sure to “quack up” when the lily pads spray a stream of water without any notice, be sure to be on the lookout for those!

While in Mickey’s Toontown Fair you can easily locate Donald's Boat among the colorful play area, and vibrant design, if you are looking for this ride while inside Magic Kingdom its prime location plays a great role in the ease of finding it-right between Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Chances are that your little squirt might spot it out before you do!

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May 1, 2013