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Disney's Magic Kingdom

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Adventure Island SignIn 1971 Walt Disney World opened its doors to the world. Magic Kingdom was the first park that was opened on Disney property in Florida. Magic Kingdom is made up of seven lands and the land of the south is a tropical paradise that is begging to be explored! They call it Adventure Land. This pristine land may look untouched by man but really millions of people wander thru this jungle every year. Adventure Land is host to many attractions and restaurants, all of them set with a tropical theme. Whether you like strolling thru a thick jungle of bamboo or battle in the waters with the famous Captain Jack Sparrow, there is a magic that overcomes you every time you visit Adventure Land. The most fascinating aspect of this land is the detail to reality. There are palm trees from all corners of the world. Date palms, canary palms, queen palms, coconut palm, pygmy palms, and cypress trees. Adventure Land may be the smallest of the lands by size, but the largest land when it comes to excitement and exploration!

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Jungle Cruise: This exotic ride will take you on a tour of three continents: Africa, Asia, and South America. The Jungle Cruise is a 10 minute tour thru the greatest jungles from around the world. On this ride you will see elephants bathing under a waterfall. Maybe you will see some real animals such as ducks and migratory birds. What is entertaining most about this ride is the corny jokes that the skippers tell during the cruise. Some are very out dated but for some reason they will make you crack a smile every time. There are many things to enjoy on this cruise but the most fascinating is the rare plant life that can be witnessed around the rivers edge.

Enchanted Tiki RoomEnchanted Tiki Room: an audio-animatronic showcase that's funny and fun for the whole family.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Ahoy landlubbers! You are about to be a pirate, are you ready? On this 8 Ĺ minute ride you will be departing from the port to explore the town in its fury. A war has been opened on your port town and you got to find the booty! When you ride down the canals of the town you will experience what life is like in a pirate town. Watch closely you may even see Captain Jack Sparrow!

Magic Carpets of Aladdin: a Dumbo-like ride that you control

Swiss Family Tree House: Recreated directly from the movies, this cozy home in the sky towers over Adventureland. When you step inside of this tree house you will feel right at home. The detail to this home is very realistic and breathtaking! In the movie (you have to see the movie to really understand the setting) there is a family of five that get stranded on a foreign island somewhere in the south pacific. They found bits and pieces of the boat wreck and turned it into a home in the trees. The story is that they lived on the island for a while and then they were raided by pirates! Eventually they were rescued a short while afterwards. This exhibit gives you an inside look at there life on the island.

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Entrance to the sunshine tree terraceSunshine Tree Terrace: This is the best place under the sun to get a true authentic float or cappuccino. There is a variety of snacks and drinks that are available all through out the day. There may be a lot of places to get food in adventure land but the best place is under the sunshine tree.

Aloha Island: Welcome to place where the atmosphere is vibrant but full of relaxation. This is the only place in the park where you can get fresh pineapple Dole whip. Maybe you want to sip on a coconut. All of this can only be done at one place. The Aloha Island is themed restaurant that is direct from South Seas. Donít worry, be happy!

El Pirata y el Perico: Right outside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride there is a place where the food is the most valuable treasure. Here you can pick up a taco salad or a kids quesadilla. Unlike the rest of the park there are some very reasonable prices here.

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Island Company Supply: The Island Company Supply is a lay back shop that is right on the edge of the world! Here you can purchase island surfing gear, sunglasses, sun tan lotion, and grass skirts. There is a whole lot to do and a whole lot to see at the island company.
Front of the Aragbah Bazaar building
Pirates Bazaar: Have you ever wanted an old eye patch like the pirates? Well at the Pirate Bazaar you can find all sorts of pirate gear. Aboard this store you will discover treasure galore and whatever treasure that washes ashore!

Aragbah Bazaar: located inside of adventure land there is a place that has all of the Middle Eastern customs and clothes. You can choose to be like Aladdin or his arch rival Jafar. Either one you choose there is a style that would even fit a king! Come and explore this vast open- air market of Aragbah Bazaar!

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