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Polynesian Luau Tickets

Makahiki Luau Celebration-NOW CLOSED

Luau Fire Dancer Come out and experience a celebration of food, dance, and drink that you would normally have to travel halfway across the world to see. But, thanks to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, you can stay domestic and still see this spectacle of a dinner show.

All your senses will be excited in at this one-of-a-kind dinner and show. Your sense of touch will feel the heat of the flames from the professionally trained fire-breathers. You'll hear the rhythms and melodies of the Pacific Islands from singers and musicians native to the Pacific. Smell and then taste the delicious island cuisine that includes such entree's as Hawaiian chicken and Polynesian-Style Barbecue Ribs. And witness with your own eyes the authentic dress and dance of the people native to those mystic Pacific Islands. They call this spectacle of food and dance the Makahiki Luau Celebration!

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Customer Experience

I am a frequent traveler of the beautiful pacific islands. I’ve been to Tonga, to the Vantu, and all the way to the Hawaiian Islands. What I love most about these tropical wonders is the food. There is so much to discover and so much to taste in these mysterious parts of the world. So, when I came to Florida with my family, I was pleasantly surprised to find a taste of those islands. My daughter is 12 and my son is 8 and they have never been to any Orlando theme park. However, I am a frequent traveler to the Orlando area and I have done almost all there is to do there. I have eaten at almost all the dinner shows in Orlando and I have never heard of the Makahiki luau at SeaWorld but, when they said, “Polynesian,” I said, “Where?” Reservations are required for this event but they’re very easy to make. Here’s a word to the wise -DON’T EVER PAY GATE PRICE. Not when you know of Great Orlando Discounts.
I had it planned out that we would go to SeaWorld during the day and at night we would go to the Makahiki luau. Our reservations were set for 6:30 so we went to the Sunfire Palace in SeaWorld and we were seated in the event. I was blown away by how real the atmosphere felt. The tiki torches were lit and the most magnificent women were dancing to the beat of authentic island drums. I really felt as if I was sitting in a Pacific village in Micronesia enjoying the ambiance of the culture. The pre-show was amazing but when the real activities began there was a bit of excitement from my whole family. They had a family style menu with honey glazed chicken and pineapple roasted pork. What really surprised me was that the food we had was really good and really fresh. My wife and I sipped on the sweet coconut milk and a cocktail while the kids drank complimentary soda and juice. The show was a mixture of dancing and music, fire and smoke, mystery and brilliance, and anything else associated with happiness. I was learning so much about a culture I thought I knew everything about. Now, I have seen some great luaus in my life time but this was the next best thing to actually being in the islands. So to all the dedicated travelers and the first time tourists, this is a show you don’t want to pass up.

Polynesian Luau Menu

Main Course:Luau Fire Dancer

  • Island Salad

  • Mahi Mahi in Piña Colada Sauce

  • Hawaiian Chicken

  • Polynesian-Style Barbecue Spareribs

  • Stir-Fried Vegetable Medley

  • Polynesian Fried Rice


  • Big Kahuna

Beverage Selections:

  • Featuring Anheuser-Busch Beers

  • Pepsi Products

  • Coffee

  • Hot Tea

  • Iced Tea

Cash bar open all evening.