LEGOLAND® Florida Discount Tickets

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Legoland Florida Discount Tickets

LEGOLAND© Florida is the newest theme park in the Orlando area. Open since the fall of 2011, LEGOLAND Florida, has rolled up their sleeves and gone head to head with Orlando's other theme parks. LEGOLAND Florida has become one of the most sought after theme park discount tickets in the area. You and your family will never run out of things to do and see while you are visiting LEGOLAND Florida, because it will rest on 150 acres and the theme park is packed full of amazing interactive exhibits for you and your family to participate in, as well as boasting over 50 fun and exciting rides.

LEGOLAND Orlando is one of the most enjoyable experiences that you can have when you are visiting the Orlando area. One of the reasons for this is because LEGOLAND has the experience that it takes to build a successful theme park. There are LEGOLAND's across the world, like locations in California, Denmark, Germany and England. With so many parks, you know that you will receive the best service and the most amazing overall experience that you and your family can have in Orlando. LEGOLAND Florida was designed with your family in mind. If your children are between the ages of 2 years old and 12 years old, they will have a great time that will last the entire day and you will leave with a lifetime of memories.

So, it is time once again to take a vacation and this year you and your family have your eyes set on beautiful and sunny Orlando. With so many things to do and see in Orlando, it may seem overwhelming figuring out what to do, what to do first and even if you are going to be able to get around to see and do everything. Well, let us help you with a recommendation. The first place that you should visit is LEGOLAND Florida. Visiting this exciting theme park should be at the very top of your list, if not the first on on your list. Not only will you and your family have an amazing time at LEGOLAND Florida, but you will get the most amazing prices and rates when you use the discount theme park tickets that you can get right here!


Legoland Florida Waterpark Discount Tickets

*The LEGOLAND Water Park re-opens for the Season on Mar. 10, 2018.

Florida is widely known as a tropical paradise, with the sun always shining and it never getting very cold you can always enjoy a day at the theme park. However, during the summer the days can get very hot and humid; they don’t call it the sunshine state for nothing. When it gets too hot for the theme parks your vacation doesn’t have to end there. Take a day off from all the rides and attractions for a different kind of entertainment here at the LEGOLAND Water Park. Water parks are a great way to keep your vacation going but to also enjoy a day full of Vacation fun. With water slides, wave pools, water playgrounds and more this theme park will have you cooled off in no time at all.

The LEGOLAND Water Park is now open as a sister park to the new LEGOLAND Florida theme park. It features a wide variety of entertainment including the Twin Chasers, a set of two waterslides nearly four hundred feet long. These intertwining slides are a pair that weave in and out of each other for a wild ride. If you are a thrill seeker head over to Splash Out where you can choose from one of three unique slides, each with a sixty foot journey down to the bottom where you come out into a pool, or “Splash Out.” The Joker Soaker is a fun and interactive playground for kids of all ages. Enjoy waterslides of all sizes as well as a shallow pool for the young ones to enjoy and plenty of water obstacles. If you have even younger ones in your group be sure to head on over to Duplo Splash Safari, where you can enjoy fantastic fun perfect for the little ones. Build-a-Raft River is one of the theme parks most unique adventures, something that no other water park in the area has. You and your family get to build a raft out of large floating Lego blocks before heading down a 1000 foot long lazy river. This is where you get to put your creativity to work! No theme park would be complete without a wave pool. With a slowly descending bottom this wave pool is just like being at the beach!

When the sun comes up and it gets to hot and sweaty to visit the theme parks don’t let that hold you and your family back from a day of fun in the Orlando area! Head on over to Central Florida’s newest water park for a day of fun and entertainment that can be found nowhere else but in the LEGOLAND Water Park Now Open!

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LEGOLAND Florida Attractions and Rides

Legoland Florida Information and Ticket Discounts
  • The Beginning
    When you first enter the new LEGOLAND Florida theme park, you will be at "The Beginning," appropriately enough. This is the first thing that you will see upon your arrival. If you need to get your tickets, this is where you would go. If you are hungry, there is a restaurant, the Garden Restaurant, that is located just inside. If you are looking for some fantastic souvenirs to take home with you, you must visit The Big Shop to purchase all of your favorite LEGOLAND official merchandise and memorabilia.
  • Fun Town
    There will be a ton of features and attractions at the brand new LEGOLAND Florida will have to offer you and your family. Fun Town is one of the most interesting parts of the new park. With attractions like the Factory Tour, the Fun Town Theater, Granny's Apple Fries and the Studio Store. The Studio Store is the place where you can see how the famous LEGO brand manufactures some of their signature products, like LEGO Indiana Jones™, Bob the Builder™, Spongebob Squarepants™, Star Wars™ and much more.
  • Miniland USA
    Some of the things that make LEGOLAND Florida so unique are the various attractions and features that are located throughout the park. One feature, in particular, is Miniland USA. Miniland USA is the main feature that you will see in every LEGOLAND that you visit. It is situated in the middle of the park and is constructed purely out of, yes, you guessed it, LEGOS. Depending on which location you visit, you will see a different set up. In LEGOLAND Florida, you will see popular landmarks like Kennedy Space Center, Mallory Square and Bok Tower.
  • DUPLO® Village
    There is something for every member of the family when you visit LEGOLAND Florida. DUPLO Village is catered to the the little ones in your family. When you bring your toddler to DUPLO Village, they will be enthusiastically entertained with all of the interactive activities that are located there, like an airplane that they will be able to fly, a LEGO car that they can learn how to drive and travel through a town specifically designed for the young ones in mind. DUPLO Village will have your toddler inspired all day long.
  • LEGO® Kingdoms
    For a truly one of a kind experience, be sure to bring your entire family to LEGOLAND Florida. If you have an adventurer in your family, be sure that you you head right over to LEGO® Kingdoms. While you are visiting this part of the park, you will see an entire medieval castle built entirely out of LEGOS. In this land, you will be able to ride an exciting roller coaster called The Dragon and your kids will be able to take part in one of the most famed activities of medieval times with the Royal Joust. Be sure to take a look around while you are in this mystical realm and take in all of the majesty that is Castle Hill in LEGOLAND Florida.
  • AQUAZONE Wave Racers
    AQUAZONE Wave Racers is located in the Xtreme portion of LEGOLAND Florida. When you ride the Wave Racers, you will be thrust upon the wild waves in your LEGO built cart and swerve in and out of water cannon fire. Be sure that you jump on this amazing and watery ride on your visit.
  • The Dragon
    Prepare to be transported back to the times of kings, queens, jesters, knights and dragons when you pay a visit to Castle Hill in LEGOLAND Florida. While you are there, you have to take a wild ride on The Dragon. The Dragon is a roller coaster that will take you on a trip though medieval times that you will not soon forget.
Legoland Florida Information and Ticket Discounts
    If you and your family are thrill seekers and you are looking to ride some of the most exciting rides in the Orlando area, be sure that one of your first stops in LEGOLAND Florida is LEGO® TECHNIC™. While visiting this part of the park, you will be able to jump on the LEGO TECHNIC Test Track. This is one of the most exciting rides at the park and will have your adrenaline pumping. On the LEGO TECHNIC roller coaster, you will experience exhibits in speed, stopping and maneuverability. After you are finished on the coaster, head over to AQUAZONE Wave Racers, where you will ride the waves and maybe even get a little wet.
  • Imagination Zone
    Get you and your family's creative juices flowing when you visit the Imagination Zone at LEGOLAND Florida. Inside the Imagination Zone, your family will experience some great interactive exhibitions that everyone will be able to take part in. Head over to the Game Space, where you will be able to jump around to various game depots and play games such as LEGO Indiana Jones™ and LEGO Star Wars™. After having some fun gamine, head over to the Build and Test portion and construct a LEGO car and race it against the clock. Head over to the LEGO Clubhouse where you can make your own LEGO kit and fill up on refreshments and snacks. There are many other things to do and see here.
  • Pirates Cove
    Avast! Ye hearties, and make your way to the Pirates Cove at LEGOLAND Florida. This is the place where you and your family want to go to see some action on the high seas. This is a one of a kind stunt show that you do not want to miss out on. In fact, you can only see this show at the LEGOLAND Florida location. Be prepared to walk the plank and talk like a pirate when you attend this fantastic show. You and your family will have a great time when you visit the Pirates Cove at LEGOLAND Florida in Orlando.
  • Land of Adventure
    A visit to LEGOLAND Florida, means that you will be presented with so many exciting things to do and see. One of the first stops during your visit has to be Land of Adventure. While exploring the Land of Adventure, you and your little adventurers will come across some fascinating finds, like a mummy sarcophagus and hidden treasure, not to mention a number of attractions. The Coastersaurus is a roller coaster geared towards your smaller ones and it will take them through a prehistoric land and right by a dinosaur that is made completely out of LEGOS. Other attractions include the BeetleBounce, the Pharaoh's Revenge and the Lost Kingdom Adventure.
  • LEGO® City
    Your family will enjoy a trip to the new theme park in Central Florida, LEGOLAND Florida. The park will have you and your family entertained all day long. One of the most visited attractions within the park is LEGO City, and you will find that is contains may features that everyone will enjoy. The city is constructed out of LEGOS and you children will be amazed with everything that they can do, like the Fun Town Fire Academy, The Big Test, Flight School, Driving School and Junior Driving School. Let your children's minds run free through this truly amazing attraction at LEGOLAND Florida.
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