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Typhoon Lagoon's Storm Slides!The Storm Slides is a great ride for guests of all ages. There is no age limit or height requirement for this attraction. Guests can find the storm slides located between Humunga Kowabunga and the Shark Reef on the right side of the park. After walking up the stairs guests will then take off their shoes and hold onto their sunglasses as they pick one of the following slides: Rudder Buster, Jib Jammer, Stern Burner. The two slides on the left, Rudder Buster and Stern Burner, both have tunnels that you will go through, but the slide on the right, Jib Jammer, does not.

All of the slides are about the same speed they just go in different directions. You may sit up or lie down, but you must go feet first down these slides. If guests have little ones who are wanting to ride, it is a good idea to have a parent or an older sibling slide down first to catch the child at the end, because they do have to ride down by themselves. When guests sit down on the slide they wait for the green light. After the light turns green guests can then push them selves off and a gush of water helps them slide down the three story high whirl of fun into a shallow pool of refreshing water. The Storm Slides is a great attraction for the whole family to enjoy as they race down the slides side by side.

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January 2, 2012