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The Shark Reef at Typhoon Lagoon! One of Typhoon Lagoon’s fun and safe sea adventures is The Shark Reef. The Shark Reef is located to the right of the park’s entrance, not far past Crush ‘n’ Gusher, and next door to Typhoon Tilly’s. This attraction is a salt water, snorkeling adventure. As guests enter the line for the attraction they will first pass by the Dive Shop. Here is where masks, snorkels, and life jackets are distributed. All the masks are the same size and sanitized in a special solution for the safety of the guests. So for younger guests, it is suggested to bring their own goggles or snorkel masks that fit their petite faces. There is no age limit or height requirement. Guests are allowed to use their own personal snorkels, masks, or only goggles if preferred, snorkels are not required.

After this guests will move down the path and be let into the next section in groups of 17-20 people. There is a place off to the left of the path where guests who are waiting or do not wish to get in the water can look at the fish from a bridge and an underwater submarine. When grouped, the guests will learn a few things about the attraction including the conditions of the water, simple rules, and how to put on the masks and snorkels. For those who speak other languages there are translations in many languages for those guests to read, just ask the closest Disney Cast Member for a translation.

The water is a little bit cold anywhere between 68 and 72 degrees and is salt water. The water is also ten and a half feet deep. Guests are not allowed to kick their feet in the water, so life jackets are suggested for those who are not very strong swimmers. As long as one can float on their stomach, and use their arms to push them forward, they should be fine in the water. There are many lifeguards in the water and surrounding it for the guest’s safety and security. Kicking of the feet is not allowed so that the fish and others are not disturbed. Guests are asked to continue swimming towards the stairs at all times, not to hang on submarine or side walls, not to stand on the islands in the water, and to stay on the surface of the water. These are simple rules that are easy to follow.

Once guests reach the end there are showers where they can rinse off. They continue down the path and return their masks and life jackets to the dive shop. Once at the Dive Shop one can ask a Disney Cast Member for a certificate with your name and date and go home with not only another fantastic memory of Walt Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon, but also proof of survival of swimming with the sharks.

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January 2, 2012