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Keelhaul Falls at Typhoon Lagoon!Keelhaul Falls is another of the many slides that offer fun for everyone at Typhoon Lagoon. Keelhaul Falls is located in the back right side of the park, next to Gang Plank Falls and Mayday Falls. There is no age limit or height requirement for this attraction, so the only thing you need is to have your own raft. Young children can not be mounted with adults or older brother/sister, but do not worry, with only tight grip on his raft, they'll be super good! When you enter the attraction, you can grab your inner tube just climb the stairs through a small oppening to finally reach the top of the mountain. Grab your sandals and your good sunglasses, no one wants to lose them!

Getting to the slide, a member of staff you will hold your raft so you can sit in it.  At the same time you should be ready to enjoy this attraction. That's the least they can do before shoving you off and letting you ride your raft all the way to the bottom of the mountain!

You start to slide when that staff member pushes you down the slide. There you begin your adventure! Once you reach the end, quickly get into a miniature pool with a refreshing water. All the other park staff will be waiting until grab your raft and exit the pool.

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January 2, 2012