The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman®

Editorial Review

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The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman OutsideInside Universal Studios, the Islands of Adventure theme park has one of the most interesting rides with the everyone’s favorite spider, Spiderman! This ride was specially designed for the opening of Islands of Adventure in 1999. It’s truly a one of a kind ride for many reasons but the main thing that sets this ride apart from the others is that it’s a hybrid ride so it features the best of both worlds special roving motion vehicles with 3-D projection give you the most realistic experience you can imagine and elaborate physical sets make you feel as if you are in New York City. Once you step into this ride you are transformed from a guest to a last-minute reporter working for the “Daily Bugle” company. You quickly hop aboard the news vehicle called the “scoop” and start to cover some of the most interesting news that has ever happened to New York City. The rider learns that the evil Sinister Syndicate has captured the Statue of Liberty with an anti-gravity gun. The Sinister Six is comprised of some of the nastiest and meanest evil villains of all time including, Doctor Octopus, Scream, Electro, Hydro-Man, and the Hobgoblin. At the entrance to the Daily Bugle, guests are shown a video and the one of a kind new newsgathering vehicle, the Scoop is introduced to the guests.

You will be taken on a tour of the empty office, guests are shown a "live" video feed of news coverage. Five super villains led by Doctor Octopus have come together and teamed up and have a plan to destroy the city by stealing an experimental anti-gravity cannon made by Stark Industries. The villains steal the Statue of Liberty and threaten to destroy it if the city does not surrender to them. Guests will walk through the empty offices of the Bugle, once you see all the scattered papers and empty office you will put two and two together and find out that the employees have fled in fear of getting conquered by the evil villains. You will put on your special night vision goggles the "cub reporters" get in the Scoops and leave the loading docks to a New York back alley where they encounter Spider-Man. Our super hero warns the guests that what's about to happen must be the most dangerous thing in his career of being a super hero. Speeding off to the scene in the bugle and nearly missing a trash truck, the guests see the Sinister Syndicate holding the Statue of Liberty hostage. This is when the ride gets intense and the evil villains begin to attack Spiderman and while being in the scoop you get the same treatment just for being right in the middle.

The Scoop is lifted using an anti-gravity cannon. Spider-man attempts to pull it down but is attacked by all the super villains. Doctor Octopus disengages the anti-gravity device, sending the Scoop on a 400-foot (120 m) free-fall until it is rescued by Spider-Man's web, it stops over a sewer right in the nick of time. Then Spider-Man thanks the guests for their help and sends them back to the Daily Bugle, where he has rigged the anti-gravity cannon to lift Jameson to the ceiling in his office.