Jurassic Park® River Adventure®

Editorial Review

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Jurassic Park River Adventure Sign One of the few water-based amusement rides in Islands of Adventure, Jurassic Park River Adventure has made a name as one of everyone’s favorite rides at Islands of Adventure. The ride was built as Steven Spielberg was producing the original Jurassic Park movie. The ride was opened to the public in May of 1999. It is 5 minutes long and during all of those 5 minutes you are traveling in boats.

The most common comment heard about Jurassic Park River Adventure is that the ride itself is decorated just as a prehistoric area would be. The ride uses 1.5 million gallons of water and a variety of different plant species to replicate the look of the movie. You begin the ride by going through the dinosaur paddocks, though this sounds scary the paddocks are occupied by herbivorous dinosaurs once you make your way down the river on the peaceful tour you continue to float through a small cave, before you enter the cave you see a baby and mother stegosaurus and a Parasaurolophus that sprays you with water.

Making your way out of the cave you head into Hadrosaur Cove when another Parasaurolophus knocks the raft off track and into the Raptor Containment Area, the sirens begin to sound informing the guests that the Velociraptors have escaped, and before you know it they being to appear! All around you the trees are moving due to packs of velociraptors running through them, the electric fence is ruined and sparks fly at the visitors as you make your way passed it. You will then see two dinosaurs fighting over the shredded uniform of a worker before you enter the water pumping station and again you encounter the velociraptors. Then you are brought to the favorite part of the ride, you are entering the Environmental Systems Building and begin to make your way up the lift hill this lift takes you down a small drop and brings you around an S turn and brings you up another lift to take a closer look at the Tyrannosaurus through a deep smoke screen and you drop 85 feet!

This ride is a unique experience for everyone and usually a good cooling ride to take during a hot Florida day. Make sure you smile before the drop because there is a camera waiting to take your picture!