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Dueling DragonsDueling Dragons is one of the most popular rides in the world. In fact dueling dragons is the only inverted dueling roller coaster in the world, which could be the reason itís so popular. Dueling Dragons is a pair of dueling roller coasters at Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure located in The Lost Continent Island. Before getting on the ride you have the option to choose which side you would like to duel on, the fire side or the ice side. Many people believe that the tracks are identical however they are not. The Fire dragon reaches a top speed of 60 mph and the Ice dragon reaches a top speed of 55 mph both on two completely unique tracks. This ride is about 2 and a half minutes long and features 5 inversions on each coaster.

The thrilling features of this ride are all of the close encounters you have with the other roller coaster, there are parts of the ride where you are only 18Ē away from touching the other coaster! Even though you are taken up the lift hill parallel to the opposing coaster both of the coasters are unique and reach different speeds meaning that if you are at Islands of Adventure you should ride each coaster at least once to enjoy the full effect of it.

Dueling Dragons MissOn the Fire Dragon you start off at the top of the lift hill turning away from the ice dragon and head directly into a loop, than hang over an airtime hill, as you make your way down you pass over the Ice Dragon which marks the beginning of close encounters. After the first miss the Fire Dragon then goes into another loop and heads down a straight track where the riders in front can see the Ice Dragon coming toward them. The Fire Dragon pulls up into a loop at the last second which counts as the second miss. The final miss on the Fire Dragon ride is marked when both dragons enter a corkscrew, the ride goes through another corkscrew and then begins breaking process and eventually leads to the unloading dock after the last miss.

On the Ice Dragon once you get to the top of the hill you drop away from the Fire Dragon. Surprisingly there is no surprise to the drop because you do donít undergo an immediate inversion. Instead of the inversion you make your way around a spiral as the Fire Dragon comes right down which is the first near miss on the Ice Dragon. On the Ice Dragon you pass through a Zero-g roll which is directly under the Fire Dragon's first airtime hill. After the zero-g roll, the Ice Dragon trains pass through a Cobra roll, which flip the riders upside down not once but twice. After ending Dueling Dragons Loopsthe Cobra roll, the Ice Dragon speeds along a straight section of track towards the oncoming Fire Dragon. Before the dragons meet the Ice Dragon goes up into a vertical loop. After the vertical loop the Ice Dragon goes into a corkscrew. After the corkscrew a right turn is made and the braking process begins.

Both of these coasters have proved themselves to be thrilling adventures. Not only do you go through intense inversions the near misses are a major part of the adrenaline rush on the ride. It is highly suggested that you ride both of the coasters to have the experience, if you are looking for an overall thrill ride the Ice Dragon, if you are looking for speed and adventure the Fire Dragon may be the best bet.

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