Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls

Editorial Review

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In the Toon Lagoon Section of Islands of adventure Dudley Do Right’s Ripsaw Falls is sure to catch your eye. This water ride splashes and throws water all over its riders and even some of the innocent bystanders. This log flume ride was opened to the public on May 28, 1999 and has been attracting visitors since. Each log can hold up to 5 people and there are multiple logs so many passengers can enjoy this thrilling ride at nearly the same time. In order to ride this ride you must be at least 44 inches tall, other than that there are no other requirements besides bravery. This ride takes you in, around, through, and under waterfalls and buildings of all sorts that let you splash around. The total duration of this ride is 7 Minutes long, not only is it a long ride it also has one of the tallest drops and fastest speeds in Islands of Adventure. At over 45 MPH you’ll be sure to get splashed by any water coming between the raft and its final destination. Not only are you traveling at high speeds you’ll also be in for a surprise when you come head on with a 75 foot drop! This drop is usually what grabs the attention of the thrill seeking guest mainly because all you see is a high speed log coming down and water spraying out from both sides.

The ride begins when the log is loaded and brings the riders into the first room. In the first room the lights shine on animals that are playing instruments as the narrator gives a series of announcements. Dudley Do Right makes his first appearance on the rides first lift hill – at that point he makes it his mission to save “Nell from Snidely. Before you get to the top of the lift hill you see Snidely holding Nell hostage in a mine car. At the top of the lift hill you will exit the mine and get the opportunity to take a look around the Islands of Adventure Park. After you get enough time to look around the park you will then enter the Wontabee Mine. Upon entering the mine you will pass by Inspector Fenwick, his horse, and Nell tied to the train tracks and before you have time to help you enter a cave. Voices of Dudley shout out "Horse, it seems I've lost my train of thought" as soon as he finishes saying the famous phrase a train light begins to beam and a loud train noise starts to play signaling that there is a train on the way. The train light suddenly stops and you ride down a small drop into an outdoor sawmill where Dudley do right is stuck in a log, you then come into contact with a series of signs that demand that you turn around and as soon as you know it you are on your way up another lift hill.

Once you have reached the top of the ride you are in the most important part of the ride, you are in Snidely’s Lair and are about to ride down the drop. The climactic drop, plunges down 75 feet into the dynamite shack not only did you plunge 75 feet, you plunged 75 feet into a dynamite shack! As posted on a sign the shack is “highly kaboomable” and that sign never breaks a promise because once the log enters the shack it explodes and mists the riders with water. An interesting part of the ride is when you come around a turn you are put face to face with 9 houses that can be operated by complete strangers spraying you at their will. The log then goes into a building where Snidley is being held in jail as you make your way past him you will then enter the unloading dock and that will complete the ride.