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Doctor Doom FearfallLocated in Islands of Adventure, Dr. Doom’s Fear fall stands 10 stories above the ground challenging passengers to ride. Opened in 1999 this ride is still one of the most adrenaline pumping rides in the park. Although this ride is less intricate than any of the roller coasters in the park it still delivers nearly the same amount of thrill.

Riders enter the waiting area of the Latverian Embassy. Latveria is a small European country which Doctor Doom is the feared ruler. In the lobby you will see a variety of pre-shows and videos, some of which tell the viewers about Dr. Doom’s new ultimate weapon which has been created to destroy the Fantastic Four. Unfortunately the weapon is only able to be powered by “fear fuel” which is extracted from your screams during the fear falls. When you enter the ride you will be standing face to face with two 200-feet tall towers, you are then instructed to buckle up and wait, for some the blast is completely unexpected however for the people that have been on the ride a few times they would know exactly when to expect it. You shoot up into the air with more thrust than a 747 jet engine and drop back down. And repeat the process until you come back down to the dock.

Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall is the tallest ride in Universal Orlando Resort making it hard to miss, the lines are relatively short on this ride so the wait time is never that long.