The Cat in The Hat

Editorial Review

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The Cat in The Hat OutsideThe Cat in The Hat is a book that many people have grown up with. With Dr. Seuss’ creative imagination these books vividly painted pictures that described some of the oddest things people have ever heard. In the Cat in The Hat ride you will go directly into Dr. Seuss’ world and see some of the things you’d never imagine. The ride features all of your favorite characters from all of the original Dr. Seuss books as well as some more! No matter what age you are, even though this ride is not much of a thriller it will still bring back memories.

Located in Seuss Landing you can easily spot The Cat in The Hat ride by the tall red and white striped hat. When walking into the hat you appear in the front yard of a house. You make your way through the front yard until you reach the porch, and that is when the ride starts. You enter into the house and take a seat on the couch. Not only is a couch a comfortable place to sit on, in Dr. Seuss’ world couches make great forms of transportation. The couch takes you down a winding trail deeper into the house. When looking out of the windows of the house it becomes evident that it is raining, meaning you must have fun inside of the house!

Out of the same window you can see the mother leaving, she is on her way to get groceries and she will be gone for a while. As soon as she pulls out of the driveway The Cat in the Hat appears! He begins to balance all sorts of household objects until he drops them all and angers Mr. Krinklebin, the fish. The Cat in The Hat releases Thing 1 and Thing 2 who run through the house and make a mess at every corner. Throughout the ride the couch will take you into odd rooms such as the room where the walls spin around you or where the clothes fly back and forth in a closet. After causing a catastrophe in the house the mother returns from her trip, before she enters the house The Cat in The Hat brings out his Thing-A-Majig and cleans the entire home before the mother steps in.

The Cat in The Hat is a very fun ride if you are traveling with kids or if you just want to live the experiences you’ve read about as a child. The ride was opened on May 28, 1999 and has been a great attraction for children ever since. The duration of the ride is about 5 minutes long and the fastest speed you go is 2.7 MPH.