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The Holy Land Experience

Are you looking for a different kind of attraction in the Orlando area? Do you seek something educational? Are you of the Christian faith? Then you should consider visiting the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida!

The Holy Land Experience is a "living, biblical history museum." Not only is the Holy Land Experience historical, but it is also inspirational, theatrical, and educational. It is a truly unique themed park among the many other attractions found in the Orlando area.

*Holy Land is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Opened on Feb. 5, 2001, The Holy Land Experience is a 15-acre, $16 million dollar, authentic replica of Jerusalem as it was during the time of Jesus and the Roman Empire. It is called the The Holy Land Experience because you are totally immersed in the sights, sounds, and tastes of Jerusalem as it was 2 millennia ago. From the moment you enter through the gates of the "walled city", you are transported 2,000 years back in time to a teeming with life and activity, genuine, A.D. 66 Jerusalem street market. All the architecture and exhibits inside the Holy Land Experience, from the Qumran Dead Sea Caves to the Plaza of the Nations, are precisely-detailed so as to provide a greater insight into their biblical importance.

There are also daily theatrical presentations (performed by the "cast" of dramatists at the park) that depict many of the events that were documented during those times. These performances are enhanced with special music played by staffed musicians. You can also enjoy, "The Seed Promise", a thought-provoking and moving film actually shot on location in Israel, which is shown in the Theatre of Life located within the Temple. This film illustrates God's plan for Redemption.

Holy Land Attractions

Calvary's Garden Tomb

This is a recreation of the place where Jesus' body was laid down (but did not remain) after the crucifixion. He was in the pits for 3 days, but he arose. Its hard to keep a good man down. Performances are given here that reenact the tragedy and then triumph.


Contained in this building are some of the rarest and unique artifacts relating to the Word of God. Instead, being hidden in the darkest of caves, these items are on display at the Scriptorium.


The Wilderness Tabernacle

This attraction features a replica of an item that has been part of Hebrew scriptures since the time of Hebrew captivity in Egypt. The Wilderness Tabernacle was the mobile temple of worship that the Israelites used to give thanks to God when they wandered the desert for 40 years. There is a live presentation of the story the tabernacle as well.


Plaza of the Nations/
The Temple of the Great King
Surrounded by  30, Corinthian-crowned Roman columns, is the 1/2 scale replica of the Temple of the Great King. This is the place where, as boy, Jesus read aloud the scriptures and preached to the people. Reenactments from the certain stories the bible are performed daily in the shadow of the temple.


Jerusalem Model A.D. 66

This is Jerusalem as it was in the time of King Herod. This astounding 45-foot model, historically correct model of Jerusalem provides an inspirational insight into the history of the city and the life of Jesus. You can see the routes Jesus would have taken to get to Golgatha, the place where he was crucified.

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